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  1. RIP Garage mounts: http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showto...p;hl=RubHamusan
  2. Sorry dude I sold those locally. Forgot to mention that. Yeppers. Hit me up. The parts are awesome. I just got bit by this bug:
  3. Coilovers are still here and so are the 1j mounts. Coilovers $300. 1J mounts $75 Scott aka RubHamusan mounts! All are obo. Trade Barter
  4. I would rather send the whole kit out in one unit. If you are both seriously interested then I will break it up.
  5. I am pretty much pricing these so that you can send your sleeves to G to get welded and save the loot for that by buying my stuff. I think it is a pretty good setup.
  6. It is the sleeves and hats. I didn't get the stances to go with them.
  7. Pretty much all I have left from the stuff I got from the project. Serial 9 stuff is new and still in the box. Motor mounts are new in box. 5 Speed pedals are from a supra and ready to ship. Give me a buzz if you are interested. -Stanley
  8. Thanks dude. The car is going to a good home. The bushings are more than what he is needing right now. He is a good dude that needs a good dd. So rims and the S9 coil kit is all he is doing now. I just can't have the car sitting in my garage for another year with no loot or time to spend on it. PM me for shipped price I will make it worth your while. A warning they are not crackhead priced though. This things are sweet.
  9. I am not following thru on my project and have mine for sale if you want. Still in the package that they were shipped in.
  10. Ziptied thread is awesome. Can't wait for this winter. I am going to LED everything I can. I have been doing furniture in the house. Mostly display cases on timers.
  11. Mine came in the mail yesturday. Thanks! I am going to open them today and eyeball them.
  12. Good to hear that they are on the way.
  13. StanBo

    My Whip (X83 with 1j in progress)

    Very cool! I have two kids so I get to hear a lot of, "so where is your car?"
  14. StanBo

    FS: Matt Panic's JZX83 updated * now $9999

    Sad to see it go. I stole the for sale description to help with my build sheet. Good luck with your next project.
  15. Fuck drift tax has hit the cressidas on craigslist. Now Gibson tax.