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  1. BudgetVIP

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    Haha yeah I am a lurker. Not much to post about when I haven't done shit with my car other than drive it. Same stock turbos and w58 since I did my 1jz swap in 08, haven't failed yet. Yeah I'm in Everett man. We will have to get together sometime and hang out.
  2. BudgetVIP

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    What part of Washington did you move to?
  3. Wish this was a mark2 bumper. You have one of those kicking around?
  4. I have a 1985 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon G up for sale. Runs and drives nice, very luxurious. I've only put around 1,000 miles on it this summer. I have too many cars and don't use it as much as I would like. 104,000km's, just a little over 60,000 original miles! 6mge 3.0L with an automatic transmission. Power windows Power locks Power front seats Power rear seats (can recline rear seats individually like front seats) Power folding mirrors Power Telescoping steering wheel Power oscillating dash vents ABS brakes Auto headlights Auto climate control Cruise control Digital dash Dual climate control(separate front and rear controls), rear passengers have own set of a/c and heater controls on back of center console, also rear headphone jacks for radio. Refrigerator( Toyota Cool Box) on rear speaker tray. A/C lines run through it to cool drinks. Fresh oil change a month ago (maybe 200 miles on it) Newer brake pads The only thing it really needs is the driver window switch, won't roll down. Located in Everett Washington Clean Wa title ready to go $7200 obo http://images.craigslist.org/00h0h_8bo6z61ArAo_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00Q0Q_aLXARuCjA9c_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00m0m_hwQ0FEfquoX_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/01515_725HLIR9Rj6_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00W0W_9g752wV3uAb_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00909_42CFS3ATAUN_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00P0P_6lyOlWgEu7f_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00L0L_1BEwtVZT9EF_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00e0e_5gpWLM5V5F0_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00606_la0LL3nASoc_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00s0s_aK6DVJIridU_600x450.jpg
  5. BudgetVIP

    Xcessive Manufacturing

    See ya on Sunday Mitch. Galen finished his car but I guess he isn't running this round but he will still be there.
  6. BudgetVIP

    American style tuning:

    You can think whatever you want Mo. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Change your tampon already and move the fuck on and quit ruining the build thread. Keep it to PM's from now on so there is no more clutter if you really have something to say to me.
  7. BudgetVIP

    American style tuning:

    Well put Matt. Whether anybody wants to admit or know that he helped you in some way or not, he has helped pretty much everybody on here. I've known him for about 6 years since I bought my first x7 and he always treated me like a friend. I never knew Matt had a brother, let alone a twin brother. I drifted with Matt for 4 or 5 years prior to that so I know that they are drivers and builders and just plain love cars and always go out of their way to help people out. When nobody knew how to easily wire a jz into a X chassis, I didn't hear Mark say "fuck all of you assholes, figure it out for yourself". He wrote up a great thread on that subject and countless more to help people out. He has ALWAYS hooked people up on doing a full pro spec wiring harness for basically minimum wage on what you'd normally pay somebody to do it. I didn't see anybody else stepping up on that front. It seems like lately this site has turned into a total bitchfest and to see how much of a dickhead people can be to others and a "what have you done for me lately" forum instead of a "we remember how much you helped all of us and we will forget about this". He didn't put in all this work for you guys to get shit on whether he made a bad call or not. Just know that he really doesn't need this place anyway if that's how all of you feel about him. He's too busy doing wiring jobs for people that appreciate it and will share his knowledge with his friends that stick with him in good and bad. We will be building and driving our cars while the rest of you bitch and fight about others on here.
  8. BudgetVIP

    American style tuning:

    umm yeah not in that catagory and every hippy trend has started in california. There is way more to do here than cali, sorry.
  9. BudgetVIP

    American style tuning:

    yeah cause living in a shitty hippy infested state like california is not depressing at all.
  10. BudgetVIP

    LSx vs 2JZ

    if you wanna go 8" diff but don't need irs, just go get a previa rear end. Solid axle, 8" ring gear, 5x114.3 pattern and $100 spools on summit all day long.
  11. BudgetVIP

    American style tuning:

    Wait, what's this hostility towards Mark? Did I miss something?
  12. BudgetVIP


    Looking good Kev. Should be a good year. There is 4 cressidas, all jz powered competing in the evergreen pro am this year. If anything it sure as hell won't sound like NASCAR out there haha. Good luck.
  13. BudgetVIP

    Xcessive Manufacturing

    Just got all my XM stuff installed last night, rear arms/bushings/tension rods/bushings, knuckles and outer tie rods and 14k/12k bc's, still have almost 2" of lower adjustment front and back. Turned out great. Thanks goes to Mitch for showing me around the shop and putting me up for the night and Rich for chatting it up with me and talking back and forth about cool new projects even when he had a ton of stuff to do, on a Sunday at that. Thanks again guys! I will be doing an event at PIR this year too.
  14. Yeah I ended up with the sickness after I left Sunday night haha. It's been so fun at work this week.
  15. BudgetVIP

    89 Toyota Cressida w/2JZGTE

    $7300 is the lowered price? You are gonna be sitting on it for a long time on this forum. There's been cars way more built and clean that sold for way cheaper.