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  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Aaron and Dave at Driftmotion.com! Driftmotion is having a Black Friday Sale through Dec. 1st! Free Shipping on all Continental US orders placed tomorrow, Black Friday, until Dec 1st! This sale does not apply to pucrchases made before 11/28/08 or after 12/01/08, no exceptions. Shipping will be our choice, USPS Priority or UPS Ground, depending on which costs us less. Please allow a few extra days for shipping, Dave is on vacation for a few days and we will likely have a lot of orders to process. The coupon is automatic, no code is needed. One free shipping order per customer, so make sure you get everything you need at one time! International orders are NOT included in this offer, but we will work out a discount for you on the shipping, please email us for a quote. Engines and engine clips are not included in this sale. Please select "will call, local pickup" in the shipping options for free shipping if it adds a shipping amount to the order. Thanks so much for your business!!! www.driftmotion.com Aaron Kahn 909-630-8969 aaron@driftmotion.com Dave LaMay 909-630-8737 dave@driftmotion.com
  2. BigAaron

    FS: 1jz-gte r154 2400$ !!!!!

    Price reduced! $2400 plus shipping! Shipping is usually between $200 and $400, depending on your location. BTW, the spark plug valley cover is included, it just wasn't in the pics. I also have a set of valve covers I painted gunmetal grey, similar color to stock, I will swap them out with the ones on the engine now if you like. Buy it by Monday and we'll even throw in a free Braided Stainless PS Hose! This engine set is very clean and complete, the cell phone pics in a dark shop really don't do it justice. Call Dave at 909-630-8737!
  3. BigAaron

    i dont quite get this

    If you don't put an address, the default was to add CA tax for local pickup. I believe it has been changed to make it easier to understand. What does it really matter what it does before you select your shipping options though? The price is the same for a business address, we had too many people call their apartment or house their "company address", and USPS doesn't even have different rates.
  4. BigAaron

    Is dm on vacation?

    Talk about misleading posts! You can't get a hold of me??? I take about 75-100 phone calls a day, yet you somehow can't get through? That's just bs. Plus you have Dave's number too! Actually in reality USPS lost your package, and you waited well over a month to say anything about it to us! Then when we researched it withh USPS it takes time because they don't track international packages. After about 2 weeks and not getting a response from them (they take up to 60 days), I contacted you and said if I did not hear from them soon, I would go ahead and replace the missing parts at my expense. Then when I contacted you again to say I would be sending the parts right away, you said USPS had contacted YOU because they had found the package, but you did not tell them to return the package to sender and you did not contact me to say anything about it. So I was waiting on you at that point. I could not log into this site for a week, I tried resetting my password several times and finally sent an email to the moderators. Odom is on this forum and told me on Friday about this. I can not browse the forum daily, but I will try to stop by more often. Bottom line: I feel very bad that USPS screwed up. I said I would take care of you and I still am willing to do that. Flaming us on the forum is not going to help either one of us. You said you had purchased some items to finish the build, so I figured you already had it running, and since I hadn't heard from you or received any email since, I would wait until the 60 days USPS allows for finding missing items, and then at that point I would give you a refund for the missing items. If you still need the missing items, I will send them to you. If you want a refund, I will give you money back. I don't know what else I can do except not recommend USPS for Canadian shipments. Everybody in Canada wants to use USPS and wants the values marked lower for customs, yet when something goes wrong I am the one who gets screwed.
  5. ...should be made directly withh Dave or myself. We always try to ship items same day or next day. We have over 300 items on the website now, and those items are purchased from at least 25 different vendors. Usually we only deal withh vendors who can come through on a regular basis, but everyone experiences back orders periodically. Even though we have a inventory that has been steadily gowing, we can not afford to stock 25 of everything on the website at all times. You would be suprised at how much money we have invested in inventory just to offer the pricing we do on many items, and what we go through on a daily basis to make sure people get their parts as fast as possible. On custom or special order items, we strive to get those orders filled as quickly as possible, but please allow a few extra days. For example, Aeromotive was back ordered on 13109 regulators (part of our afpr kits) for almost a month. You know what we did? Paid full retail plus shipping to get the regulators from Summit so we could fill orders and not make people wait too long. We like to think of ourselves as professionals, and one phone call to Dave or myself is all it takes to get things straightened out. Thanks! (My bluetooth earpice withh 5hrs of talk time died before the end of the work day yesterday, one more call from a customer withh a quesion about an order he has been waiting for is not going to bother me in the least! ) Aaron 909-630-8969 Dave 909-630-8737 aaron@driftmotion.com dave@driftmotion.com
  6. We've been talking about it for a while, and I have been steadily working towards making these kits complete and available. I already had all the separate pieces, but putting the pieces together in a kit that really fits and works has been several months in the making. Here are some pics I took tonight, the turbo obviously isn't completely bolted up and no hoses are hooked up, but the wastegate is installed and the manifold is on the engine, dp is hooked up and everything fits pretty nice! My goal is to sell a kit that will not requiring you to spend an extra month ordering parts to make it all fit your car. These pics are obviously a Supra, but Cressida seems to have more clearance just about everywhere, so fitment should be good. I can take measurements if anyone is interested. Our kit will now include: *Driftmotion 60-1 turbo withh 90deg elbow welded on and then the compressor housing is highly polished. The billet backplate will probably not be anodized because of too many issues getting them done in a reasonable amount of time, but it looks nice as it is. The exhaust housing is a devided T4 withh .70 AR. It will spool fast and have good power potential, 500whp will be no problem for this setup. The turbo uses real Garrett internals, 360 thrust bearing, 4" inlet and 3" v-band outlet. *Complete oil line kit withh ARZ flanges for turbo and block. Gaskets for turbo inlet and outlet are included. *46mm Tial copy wastegate withh dump tube that fits the car, no welding required to manifold or dump tube! Wastegate works withh the Tial 46mm springs. *Fittings for the wastegate will be included for 1/4" silicone hose. *4" intake pipe is included. *Manifold has been modified to fit the wastegate and bracing has been added, all the welds are TIG and only stainless piping and stainless rod was used. *Downpipe flange was cut off and a standard 3" v-band flange was TIG welded on. If you buy this same downpipe from someone else it will not fit your v-band clamp or turbo. A few preliminary pics...
  7. BigAaron

    Basic single for failing CT12's

    I replied to your email yesterday, the second package shipped the day after the first. Please call 909-630-8969 withh any questions about your order. Thanks!
  8. BigAaron

    MK3 poly bushing kit... will it cross over to the X8?

    Very good question, but I am not sure how I could go about finding an answer to it. I could take measurements of the bushings supplied withh the kit, and someone could measure some Cressida suspension parts and see what works?
  9. BigAaron

    1jz big single cressida feedback

    First I would like to say that I am honestly very sorry you got a manifold withh some pinholes in it, and that you were generally unhappy about everything. But there are a bunch of other things about your post that I really feel like you ARE trying to take a shot at us about. #1 why are you complaining about having to spend money to have welding done to a kit that was expressly sold as a kit that REQUIRED WELDING? I will send you back $80 for the additional welding required to fix the pinholes in the manifold. The rest would have been required anyway and you knew in advance. #2 you never called me and said, "hey Aaron, there's some pin holes in my manifold, can I get a replacement?". I would have promptly apologized and offered to not only send you a replacement manifold immediately, I would have paid the shipping for you to return your defective one. #3 I know I told you that the wastegate flange on the manifold needed to be cut off and the dump tube repositioned, so why are you bothered about having to weld a flange on the manifold? Did you tell me the dimensions of your wastegate flange and ask what flange the manifold came withh? #4 the kit you bought is not one of the completed kits I have been working on, and I know I made that clear. #5 the installation requiring 3 or 4 shorter lower studs is something that ALL 1jz tubular stainless manifolds require, not some problem just withh the manifold we supplied you withh. #6 you had someone weld a bunch of stuff withhout mocking it up on the the car, and it didn't fit. That's not something you should be all mad at us about in this thread. It sounds like most of the issues you are bothered about were either because the shop doing the work charged you more then you thought they should, or because proper installation was not performed because of inexperience and not asking questions and taking measurements before firing up the mig welder. These kits are not something you should try to install a day before a race or even in one weekend. I don't want to come off as unsympathetic, because I do understand where you are coming from and I am sorry it was a pita for you to get it installed. I spend SO MUCH time putting the kits together at this $1500 price point. No mention was made of the quality of the hoses and flanges or how nice the turbo is all polished and ceramic coated withh name brand Garrett internals. I am not selling these as the best turbo kit ever made, I am selling them as the best turbo kit for the money. I will post pics of the new setup I am installing on a car in our shop this week, and I am putting the same manifold kit on my own car too.
  10. BigAaron

    CP pistons for 1JZ in stock!

    CP pistons for 1JZ, we have them as a stock item now. I have 4 sets, and will reorder as needed. 1JZ CP Piston Set $719.99! These are forged pistons designed specifically for the 1jz. No rebadged 2jz pistons here . The valve reliefs will accommodate 1mm oversized valves. Pins and rings are included. The ring set was selected to handle high boost and high rpm, nitrided steel top ring, tapered hook groove 2nd ring, and low tension oil rings. Price includes a complete set of 6 pistons withh rings and pins and locks. .020" oversized is a stock item for us. These pistons require the block to be bored, then hone to fit. Special order available for .040" (1mm) oversized or to add piston coatings, 3 weeks lead time, call for pricing.
  11. BigAaron

    Basic single for failing CT12's

    You just totally described my ct26 bolt on kit $325 for the manifold kit, you find a used ct26 on your own for under $100, get a used 7m-gte downpipe from a buddy, and viola! Cheap boosting fun. :wink: I am working on a single kit withh a nice journal bearing turbo thats going to be around $1500. I have been battling backorders on various parts of the kit though. Looks like about a few more weeks wait on this.
  12. BigAaron

    Driftmotion 1jz DP

    I would probably have that part fabbed up for you. It's too much for just a pipe that will be cut up. Buy a few 3" flanges and take it to an exhaust shop, that's what I would do...
  13. BigAaron

    Driftmotion 1jz DP

    It is for stock twins. I have another dp that is for a single, but it will require welding. There really is no way around doing some welding in order to make a single kit on teh cheap. There are too many different manifolds and downpipes and also they are made for several different cars. Here is my universal dp kit, but like I said it will require welding because it was originally for a mk4 or Soarer: http://store.driftmotion.com/Static/Item1j...downpipekit.php
  14. BigAaron

    1j PS line?

    We use that type of hose, and the hydraulic press used to put the fittings on costs more then a whole car! :shock: I had some Cressida hoses made up today! So they are now in stock and ready to ship!