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  1. S13KOOP

    FS: 1991 Mark II GT (JZX81)

    This is so rad it hurts. Wish you were closer and down to trade my 100 for this.
  2. Had to clean up the damn overspray thats been flying around the shop for the past 8 months Aaron and Stew cheezin' in the a/c Been way busy with other stuff for the past 2 years and haven't really driven much Bought by buddy's FC and he turns around and gets a jzx90! Stew persuaded me to go up and get some much needed seat time It was a lax event so figured why not, had a blast and deff miss driving this thing We both need knuckles, this has to happen soon, that and I need bigger injectors bad Sick event and got another round coming up in 2 weeks!
  3. S13KOOP

    FS: Emanage Blue for 1jz vvt-i

    yes came out of my car, running, never had any problems my engine is stock so I really don't need this shipping looks to be no more than $15
  4. Just replaced my ECU recently and noticed the one in it was AT and I've been running it for over a year on top of whoever had it before me overseas.
  5. S13KOOP

    X100 trunk lid width ?

    ill measure when I get home
  6. jump harness, speed cut, etc for JZX100 (1jz vvt-i) Long shot, but I don't need it anymore $350???
  7. S13KOOP

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    Some old, some new
  8. i know its kinda old and not sure how much of the 100 stuff is the same as the 90 but I know IS300 front pads worked no problem (as i've heard GS works too) Rear took a lil griding of the "ears" of the tabs when I used '98 rear Supra pads HTH
  9. S13KOOP

    JZA80 Supra 4 piston brakes on my JZX90

    Been wanting to do this to my 100 for awhile nice
  10. S13KOOP

    due to popular demand...

    ChaserX JZX TXChaser ?
  11. S13KOOP

    due to popular demand...

    lol you guys can change it, i haven't owned an s13 for quite some time now