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  1. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

    Don't worry, it's been sterilized.
  2. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

    If I mess with anything new, it will be LL8 with a big turbo next. This is the current project btw. 1UZ-users can look it over and laugh at it. http://www.ziptied.com/forums/index.php?topic=48141.0
  3. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

    But I don't want to fix it...
  4. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

    I got them used for almost nothing. Found out why when assembling the engine. Took to my machinist that told me the one was oval shaped. I guess it happens every so often depending on the forging or something. Said it would make some noise until it warmed up. For some reason, I told him to bore it to match and throw it in. IIRC, it would take forever to replace the one at the time. Plus, I was curious. Machinist was right, and it wasn't bad for awhile. Now it does it all the time unless I'm beating on it. Doesn't matter in the end, because somebody dropped a few small nuts into the spark plug holes, overheated the shit out of it after melting the fan, and BHG. TLDR: I knowingly installed a bad piston. Car is a bad luck charm. Repair in field expedient manner, and keep shredding.
  5. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

    That's the (as in one) Arias piston. When it warms up, it turns round again. Notice that it's gone after the burnout.
  6. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

    Whatever. https://youtu.be/DFBU9dLay6U
  7. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

    I have six cars, one of which I don't want sitting in it's current parking spot around dumbass people at work after it's painted and nice. This car has issues that I could handle back in my younger days, but now it seems to just turn me into the Winnebago Man. Basically, I just have too much shit going on, and some debt.
  8. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

  9. It also changes to Johnny. What the... Fuuuck, but also LOL. Yeah, uh, that's his various handles, mmmm, right.
  10. Thought you guys might appreciate this one. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2014/10/junkyard-find-1990-toyota-cressida/#comment-4187154
  11. Crab Spirits

    1990 Cressida Recommendations

    Come on guys. The Mig21 is a poor example to use in this case. It's probably one of the easiest jets to get flying. They built them in washing machine factories with big tolerances. Just put fuel and go. They still fly them in India, and they have a lucky stealth effect. No no, a better analogy for a 7MGTE MX83 would be the ME-163 Komet as a poor choice for a newbtard. -Found in many pieces, unobtainable parts. -Blows up while flying -Blows up while parked -Blows up while looked at wrong -Difficult to get running without face being burned off by T-stoff -Undercarriage falls away -Hard to control at the limit -Flight time of about 10 minutes at a time then engine quits and glides to earth -Shot down like a cornish hen during glide phase -Altogether not effective
  12. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

    Finally got this bitch buffed out. Only smoked a washer nozzle with the buffer. I'll take it.
  13. Crab Spirits

    WTB: 3.9, 4.1, or 4.3 ring and pinion.

    Stop wanting all of our diffs. These are classic collectable cars! Did you pick up Jack's diff from TF?...lemme guess...no.
  14. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

  15. Crab Spirits

    Crab Cab

    Only has 1 driving chair.