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  1. thrust washer is billit rather than cast metal so its stronger, the hd main bearing plate keeps the bearing in place rather then deflection, i got both in my trans havent tested it out though. r154 rebuild (new synchros and bearings) i got done with the above parts cost 200 bucks.

  2. ok yes you dont need a key. it covers the stock key hole perfect, only thing needed is to swap the release hook on the cressida one to the cresta one. works perfect (held in place with a E clip). you can not retain the trunk lock switch thats the only problem. and if anyone was wondering the key patteren is different....





  3. to further add to the clerancing the p/s bracket heres the clerance issue the 2 bolts are threaded all the way down (this is a jzx90 pump with the 7m head)


    also instead of buying another bolt and removing the stud, just swap the bolt with the stud. put the stud on the bottom right hole and the bolt in the top right hole.






    and yes im keeping my ac too, i drove my mr2 for 4 years with no ac in cali heat in los angles! so yes its keeping the ac. end of story.


    ill clerance the ps bracket, or put the jzx90 head back on the pump.


    also be aware the allens that hold the head on do rust. and are very brittle, i broke 1 already :( if your worried about oil changes then relocate the filter.

  4. mostly because my job cut our work hours in half so 40hrs a week to 20 or less :( then i got laid off :( but im collecting unemployment.


    @ driftaholic: yeah she told me when she got home. she als otook some pics of your car too.


    for a short update reinstalled the stock cressida tail lights, removed the badging and installed the cresta trunk lock. tomorrow ill be removing the body pannels again and see if the x83 fendes will mate up with the cresta hood and headlights. will also try the x83 hood as well. as for cams BC kept screwing up on their 1j cams, and reading about there screw ups in pruduction i dont want to run them anymore, so i cancled my order. will be getting the hks cams in 264*. got my welder yesterday as well a lincoln 140hd. so hopefully ill be doing my mk3 supra diff install soon. heres some pics:







  5. i can as i have them on my car now lights, grill, and a bit of cutting for the bumper. fenders need work as always heres some pics:







    this is what you need to cut off circled in red for the bumper:




    and reworked for the fenders (these are the eintire cresta fender.):




    hope this helped you. im going to try tomorrow to see if the x83 fenders and hood will work with just the cresta headlights and grill.

  6. quick update cluster is done. cams are on back order (BC 264's) titan cam gears, water/oil lines done for engine, trans sent out in the next 2 weeks for rebuild, i got everything else except for the drive shaft, suspension, and rims..... will be installing everything once i recive everything because i dont want what happened last time......knock on wood **knock, knonk, knock** anyways heres some quick pics






  7. ok ill put my info in. the sandwich plate wont work oil flows in the wrong direction. so you need an oil filter adapter plate, and external oil thermostat and a filter base. heres some pics of mine (i have 1j):


    filter adapter base:



    filter base:



    oil thermostat:



    than choose what ever oilcooler you want to run, just remember you can OVERCOOL your oil so be aware of that.