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  1. Panchira!

    My Renko

    thats exactly what im saying, i dont know who or from what forum they found my house. but as the result no more pics sorry guys. im just a bit suprised and pissed at the same time...
  2. Panchira!

    My Renko

    ok guys so your wondering why all my pics are gone and my photobucked is locked....well due to an close call on one of the forums some one attempted to help themselfs to my stuffs. so sorry guys no more pics on any of the forums i just cant take the chances anymore....
  3. Panchira!

    My Renko

    thanks just waiting for the word for the maching shops so i can pick up the finished goodies
  4. any update on when youll sell the mounts? i want them and the hood hahahaha
  5. Panchira!

    My Renko

    just some updates got the pistons monday, and some goodies the following days. droped off the crank and rods
  6. is my hood in that container thats coming in a week? hehehehe. any update on the mounts????? will they use the original jzx mount location on the block or the moved forward position? thanks
  7. Panchira!

    Project SLIDE INTO WALLS is no more. Parting out

    i know exactly how you feel. im also at the point if there is another thing wrong its gone (and its not even running). all i can say is learn from it. and keep moving forward. good luck on your next project. people get all mad and stuff but untill you spend the amount of money and time and frusturation he has or i or anyone else dont say a word (you have to draw the line somewhere)!
  8. all i cant say is thanks for making them!!!! ill be looking forward to buying them group buy ++++++++
  9. awsome ill take the mounts and the hood thanks bro!
  10. yep just a plain ol cresta hood so get one going in the next container and email me when it arrives so i can check out the pics and send you the $ because i want to graft the fenders now do you think it will be about another month? and gold star if the hood is white will the mounts be done by the end of the month??
  11. run a -3. thats what ill be using. check your oil pressure if its ok return the turbo for a refund then buy if from a reputal company......
  12. nice. hmmmm ill have to save up for them.......very intrested....
  13. dibs ill take a set when your done ohhh any update on the cresta hood?
  14. Panchira!

    My Renko

    got my stopers finally reseal kit
  15. are you running a restrictor for the oil feed line? you may be over pressurizing the turbo.....causing the seal to blow.
  16. Panchira!

    FS: 5 speed swap (R154) & LSD for MX83

    well see who he replys to first hahahahaha. if you get if first then its cool.
  17. Panchira!

    FS: 5 speed swap (R154) & LSD for MX83

    still got the lsd? ill send you a pm
  18. Panchira!

    Hello from Aaron and Dave at Driftmotion!!!

    links? suspension links or sway links? thanks for the update on the pistons
  19. Panchira!


    here you go buy one of these it can be used on both the crank pulley and t/b sprocket
  20. Panchira!

    Hello from Aaron and Dave at Driftmotion!!!

    ummmm can i say hell yes!
  21. Panchira!

    jzx90 undertray brace

    if it requires cutting and fabing then just make your own. im thinking about it....
  22. yeah a pretty bad eps.....when it was running right the car hauled ass nonetheless
  23. ill watch it tonight! its on @ 10pm pacific time
  24. Panchira!

    1j PS line?

    looks like ill have to add one more thing to my list.....
  25. Panchira!

    My Renko

    ok hahahahhaha not a problem you have to be here before her! more than likly aaron will be the first to ride shotgun. for tuning when you ride no peeing your pants. or you have to buy me a new seat. MY Renko = MY (my car) Renko (the cars name)