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    ☆☆☆ CRIMSON BROWN-PIE vvti 1jz ☆☆☆

    Stock half ass mounted bumpers , sitting on borrowed wheels = Hardly king shit
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    ☆☆☆ CRIMSON BROWN-PIE vvti 1jz ☆☆☆

    BEST 73 EVER !!!!!!!!
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    I have replied to every Australian e-mail. Most people shy away due to high shipping cost. We just shipped three arm sets down under to replace another companies that had broken.....
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    Thanks man BOTH . I have always ran fans on the rad and ducting on the intercooler , Last year I made some ducting for the rad and never once had cooling problems like i did in 2010. I like this set up do to the extremely short intercooler piping but ........ will probably change to a conventional setup if i damage the front end, It is a BECOOL radiator that has had about 8 hours of custom fab done to it. Filler cap removed ,inlet moved , converted to dual pass , an fitting and temp sensor bung welded in and mounting tabs. I'm not skilled enough to weld aluminum with the degree of skill required to make it water and pressure proof so i need to get that done. Which is either a bunch of money to get someone to do or a bunch of time getting my buddy to come do it , both of which are not ideal in the middle of my race season.
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    FUCK i hate when you type a bunch of shit and then some how hit back ?
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    yeah man pro am is gonna be so fun hope fully we can have some events with an all JZX podium
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    Finally some forward progression worth posting about . I would like to thank Exedy USA for sponsoring me for the 2012 season I still paid for this clutch I simply got it at a reduced cost to requiring me to run Exedy livery I was going to get the Exedy Twin Carbon but after doing a bunch of research on Supraforums and direct talks with Exedy I decided on the regular Multiplate. I collected a bunch of parts Head gasket Front and rear main all that boring shit New tensioner, timing belt , serpentine belt etc Egay manifold and 40mm Wastegate Marlin Crawler shift leaver : ball seat and socket In the above photo is a set of the LS400 ( MX83 ) Poly Steering rack bushings I did get them in my car but it took EXTENSIVE shaving to get them to fit in the X7 cross member with the X7 rack So combined my old 1JZ from last year minus the turbo set up with a NA 2JZ block and the gaskets and shit and bam 1.5 JZ The front covers are off my 1JZ That gap in between is all more displacement for this year lol Here you can see the car now finally has the proper front camber again. I have switched back from the ``normal strut tube`` to the milled strut tubes. These have 3.5 degrees of camber milled into the knuckle and are now only 5 inches tall allowing you to go ANOTHER inch lower . Missing something..... It seems that Borg Warner has some sort of infinite back order so I dont know when i'll have my turbo so in order to make Evergreen ProAm round 1 i'm just going to run a HX40 with my old down pipe. Things that remain before Round 1 on April 21st Mount and Plumb : E-Brake and FPR Install Painless harness, Kill switch and battery Alignment and Tune
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    Wheels - honestly...

    stock bodied X8 18 stock bodied x7 17
  9. Emag_dnim13

    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    also those bumpers look sick
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    Team Somehow Running Again x7

  11. Emag_dnim13

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    this is true for the rear only the front wont change
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    One photo.
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    Okay so I just had a week off and it seems like a worked the whole time but don't have anything substantial to show lol Cage, gussets and the mounting plate for the pedals are fully welded in. The engine bay had a ton of this wax coating so I spent a bunch of time getting that off, Dropped the tank and cleaned it out/up put in my Bosch 044. Gerard did the other rear fender , looks like the other one lol I bought a NA 2JZ so i'm in the process of putting my head on that , I have a Borg Warner SX360 turbo coming. This is gay .... no photos cause it just looks the same ..... Next things to do are to assemble the engine , do the front fenders and plumb the pedals.
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    oh shit ? really guys ?? thanks !!!! I'll post more updates today after I spend some time in the garage
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    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    YYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS !!!!!! CCCCCCAAAAAMMMMMMM !!!!!!! you can be my dedicated traffic lawyer