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    Wrenching, Wrenching, And Wrenching, and some wrenchng on my r/c cars
  1. slappy

    my x7 daily

    very nice lookin x7 dude.
  2. slappy

    WTB: x7 digi dash parts

    damn foo, if i was on more often i would have told you to head up by me. i had a full x7 w/ digital dash for parts at my boys place a few months back. car was in head on n the interior was a lil messed up but the dash n cluster were still good. ill find out if the place that took it still has it.
  3. slappy

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    hey bill let me know if you got any of the pink and more glitter. if you do how much for 2 of the pink n one of the glitter.
  4. definitely a good diy, i think ima be doin this when i get back to north jersey.
  5. slappy

    Matt campbell PASS

    no questions here, PASS
  6. slappy

    B Klumpt fail

    its a plus for actually havin a x7 n havin some really good pics, but u had to bring up tc.net. on top of that the app is poor. unsure of this outcome. FENCED
  7. slappy

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    he bill let me know bout another set of the pink ones.
  8. slappy

    Mo pass

    i vouch for him, he's a good kid. i told him before bout jzx. PASS p.s. and yes jersey is dirty, i can vouch for that too.
  9. slappy

    Jordan "passed" but needs username

    how bout nooban
  10. slappy

    steven PASS

  11. slappy

    Brian C. sorry

    cant do it, its jst too weak. chick pic is funny though. FENCE
  12. slappy

    Dave Wise pass

    hehehe, its a done up yaris pass for the x n yaris
  13. slappy

    Zak fail

    HAHAHAHAHA dude did u drive buy a jeep slingin mud at you. havin an x is prefered, if your goin to buy then dont bother. saying "turboing that biotch" is grounds for fail either u do a swap or not. FAIL
  14. slappy

    Thomas fail

    not impressed, its slammed n has shots wit mkIII supra rims n 350 rims. intercooler looks nice but thats it. needs help wit a swap to help others do swaps, um ok. fence but leanin towards FAIL.
  15. slappy

    Greg passafrass

    PASS for knowin Push. At least he can read n post up a pic of his x-chassis