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  1. DM-Slider

    DAT PURP. x81

    Zombie- you got PM... MX83 spoilers are hard to keep in stock, and often back-ordered; where as the JZX81 spoilers are stock. (sorry for thread jack) DM
  2. DM-Slider

    DAT PURP. x81

    Sick build and rebuild! I've been sitting on fiberglass and Carbon fiber roof spoilers for a long minute... got any interest in some DM roof spoiler action? DM
  3. DM-Slider

    DM Aero Desgin MX73 Roof Spoiler

    Here is the MX73 Mold/Tool. Still need to polish to a high gloss to get the shiny "DM" finish... Thanks for hanging in there! DM
  4. DM-Slider

    JZX81 Rear Roof Spoiler

    FRP $190.00+ shipping Twill weave Carbon Fiber $290.00 + shipping In stock, ready to ship. PM for shipping quote DM
  5. DM-Slider

    DM Aero Desgin MX73 Roof Spoiler

    Plug came out of the mold today, a little polishing and production starts.. pics in the morning. DM
  6. DM-Slider

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    gordo- when are you going to pickup that driveshaft? also... what Flywheel are you using? DM
  7. DM-Slider

    WTB W58 Flywheel

    thanks man... but Forgot to mention it needs to be for the 7M
  8. DM-Slider

    WTB W58 Flywheel

    Looking for a w58 Flywheel, stock or aftermarket... what is out there? Thanks DM
  9. DM-Slider

    FS: X7 5spd swap complete'ish, Greenville SC 29607

    Flywheel to 92374 DM
  10. DM-Slider

    DM AeroDesign MX83 Rear Roof Spoilers

    Hey Gordo!! Glad to see you are still around. Jeffereson, Son, don't talk shit to members when you are fucking up the process here. shipping to AU is $105.00 usd. DM
  11. DM-Slider

    DM Aero Desgin MX73 Roof Spoiler

    Joe, I'm glad you like it... but the design is not going to be changed or modified, as that would require a different mold. I would be happy to trim your spoiler in such a manner that it would mimic the "limp dick, downward pointing" spoiler. Please understand that changing the angle changes what the spoiler actually does; like ailerons on a plane. All of my parts are designed with function first. Style a close second. DM
  12. DM-Slider

    DM Aero Desgin MX73 Roof Spoiler

    On Car Prototype pics.
  13. DM-Slider

    DM Aero Desgin MX73 Roof Spoiler

    UPDATES Finished prototype.... (Un-polished and showing split lines.) Finished parts will be High Gloss black, pre-drilled and split-line free On car pics coming soon. Molding starts this week. Taking Pre-orders now. $190.00 FRP spoiler $45.00 shipping Lower 48 states $75.00 shipping Canada $105.00 shipping Au & Japan DMAeroDesign@gmail.com DM