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  1. Haha I know right? I felt like a sellout fanboy when I got rid of the x8 so I stayed away from the forums lol but now I'm doing a vvti jz in my s13 and knew this was the only place to come for shit lol
  2. miles

    WTB: NA 2JZ injectors

    hahahahah sorry about the title guys lol
  3. miles

    WTB: NA 2JZ injectors

    a set of stock NA 2j injectors asap! let me know what you have!! thanks! Miles MOD EDIT: There we go, better title.
  4. miles

    My 1uzx83 budget build

    move the battery to the trunk and mount the turbo on the other side....
  5. miles

    Daft's 90 mx83 LS1 Build

    sick sick sick i wish i could have afforded that swap lol
  6. miles

    FS: My cressida! UPDATE

    leme get that seat and wheel! ha
  7. miles


    if you're looking to go cheap, do another 7m or 7mgte, 1j/2j/1.5j are not cheap by any means. it will take alot of time/money/pulling your hair out trying to find parts/trannys and shit. gl lol
  8. miles

    ABS Delete

    its really not hard, i think you need to get a non ABS master cylinder and basically just make new lines from that to your front brakes and the rear brake distributor thats bolted to the strut tower on the driver side. the rear lines shouldnt matter, just got back there and take off the ABS things attached to the hub. or just go to the junk yard and get non ABS lines for the front, not a big deal. but i do think you need a NON-ABS master iirc. which you can get from a local parts place.
  9. miles

    My 1uzx83 budget build

    yay for another uzx! i just got mine done!
  10. miles

    1jz w58 clutch for sale

    that clutch is for an R transmission
  11. miles


    G....where the hell are my serial nine decals? im going to FD atlanta in a few months...im sure you would like to see them on the car when i go lol
  12. miles

    Garcia's Build

    yaaaayyyyy garcia is on now! yaaayyyyy
  13. miles

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!