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    I just got off the phone withh Gabe, it looks like I will have a set of prototype suspension in my hands by monday (which inlcudes the following):


    Front stuff:

    Camber plates

    GC coilovers shortened withh koni insert withh (for now) 675lbs (~12.5 kg/mm) rate



    Rear stuff:

    solid upper mounts withh urethane isolator bushings

    GC coilovers (MA70 dimensions) withh 550lbs (~9.845 kg/mm) rate


    other stuff in the works to be coming soon for testing:

    front tension rods

    rear links (all ot them)

    and get this...


    REAR SWAY BAR!!! He's thinking of doing a nascar-style adjustable sway bar... stay tuned on that one...


    after testing (approx a week or so) I will be sending the report back to him and they will be ready for orders... I will post up all the official stuff once we get pics back and he can determine prices for everything. Looks like its game on, ladies!


    also one more good thing: he's eyeballs-deep in building the same kind of stuff for the MX73!!! ;)


    freakin' sweat!!!