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    manual ect button?

    my usdm cressida had that button...couldn't tell you what it did, i think mine was busted. when i pushed it nothing noticeable happened except the ect light turned on in the cluster. my uncle's 90's camry wagon had that same button, never saw him use it though.
  2. tezuka's the way to go. i would sign up for this kit, but i had to throw my x8 in the gutter. i plan to buy another...not sure when. when i do will i be able to get the kit after.
  3. i hate bending over and getting shafted by the man...damn that man!!!
  4. pingpong8989

    stretch marks...

    g*d damn thats a stretched a$$ tire...i like it, but wheels need more lip...a lot more lip in my opinion.