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  1. pingpong8989

    White Line Rear Sway Bar

    Deadline is 6/15/21
  2. fyi there's a group buy for white line rear sway bar on fb if anyone interested. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1078726158813038/permalink/4345838975435057/?sfnsn=mo
  3. pingpong8989

    FS x83 rear brembo cross drilled rotors

    perfect, now i can clear my book marks and just check here
  4. pingpong8989

    FS x83 rear brembo cross drilled rotors

    sold, mods please close thread
  5. pingpong8989

    FS: X81/83 clear front door courtesy lights

    sold please close the thread
  6. SOLD brand new rear brembo cross drilled rotors for x83
  7. pingpong8989

    Not enough wheels PT.2

    any of these still available? or is this thread dead?
  8. pingpong8989

    e-gx81 headlight on usdm cressida

    im using sylvania h4.
  9. pingpong8989

    e-gx81 headlight on usdm cressida

    i finally installed my jdm headlights. the problem im having is the jdm ones use a h4 bulb rated at 60/55w and they are very dim. so i changed the h4 with new ones and still having the same issue. i want to run a higher watt bulb, but i've read that requires new wiring because factory wires cant handle the load. i might end up going bi-xenon HID. did anyone here run into the same problem? was wondering how you guys fixed it. btw these headlights are the ones that fit US cressidas without bodywork, like rayray's
  10. will this copy fit with the US bumper support?
  11. im in for front and rear
  12. i just got the inserts. will be doing the same. my only question is when you depress the shaft on the koni, are they supposed to extend back up by itself? mine don't
  13. pingpong8989

    Serialnine X8 Yamaha Rear Wing

    sent u email