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    x3 oyaji wagon

    G L.
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    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Woooowww. Killer car guy. Stealing that door handle idea for sure.
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    i'm going to ruin it.
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    THANKS JASON 😘. Stock rear is going to be reused on a beater hilux, sorry friend. IRS swap is eeeezzzzzzzzzzzz.
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  6. Hello, before this place is gone forever. Who has a stock x7 sedan radio? Free would be idea. Thank you.
  7. jzxseven

    JZX100 Chaser

    GL with move and sale. And trying to find a spot near stanford to live in solo. Better off being a roomie.
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    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    whats rue up to? lost his number.
  9. hi all it's been awhile. nothing x or jz related for that matter, but i hope yall enjoy. sob story cliff notes incoming been out of the loop for a looonnnggg time. partly because everything after my first cressida that got wrecked never had that same feeling. i basically didn't really care about anything cool car related, just was focused on saving money to get out of the hood eventually. even got to the point where i was content just doing basic maintenance stuff and enjoying life driving around my stock 98 ls400. met some dude at work awhile back that was into toyota mini trucks. we bonded full on homo like. my lady decides we should take him along with us to toyotafest whackness this year. checked it out left unsatisfied because of all the trash that was present and how BUNK engine swaps were done. on the way home from broyotafest my dude just kept saying i should build a mini truck and kept mentioning this socal meet coming up in october. was sooo persuading that even my lady was on board with it. told myself fuck it and tried to shake off all the rust with one goal in mind. to be that douche at the socal mini truck meet. cruised craigslist for awhile and in july found what i wanted an 87 xtra cab 2wd sr5 pickup. bought it off some painter dude that cried when he signed the pinkslip lol. shit is lit fam. from that point up until my 3 week vacation in august, i was collecting parts and what not. vacation rolls around and with the help my coworker turned brother and my lady we bang out most of the shit in that time frame. got it fully driveable 2nd week of september and to the point it is right now at the end of september. after the super long days of working 3/4s of the way dead and coming home to button up the truck, the goal was accomplished. made it to socal and back drama free, stunted, made people faint etc. overall it was a great time. and on the way back from socal, my lady and i were talking about the truck. and the topic came up of how the truck is basically my first cressida reincarnated. and i feel it brothers. i fucking feel it with this one. although im behind because it has the dumbest suspension and steering setup to do "cool" things with. THE FEELINGS I GOT FROM MY FIRST CRESSIDA ARE HERE. trust. in the end, it was all worth it. a brotherhood of teamsters was formed. it got me hyped up and out of the shadows again. when i get steering and suspension sorted can finally dust off my non existent driving "skills". didn't break the bank account too bad. fun was had and memories were made. vvti 1uz sc300 w58 swag swerve lets go my favorite part of it all. all the jokes, feelings, hurdles and thoughts during that time in space. blasted on the rad and rad support.
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    i just wanna look good for you

    can't wait for the skid road trip to see @WhoreMouth_Jr . CHYEA BOII.
  11. As title states, looking for any 80s toyota digital cluster fuel gauge sender.
  12. jzxseven

    i just wanna look good for you

    certified fuckboi. ☺️
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    i just wanna look good for you

    Thanks bros! Yeah subs are from an x7. Coilovers are PBM ae86. And jordans old 2 way kaaz it breaks. Ended up with the rear x7 simply because its what I wanted, downfalls and all. ps brian i might still have those pics on my comp!
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    i just wanna look good for you

    hey frenz, so this happened. i fuckboi X7'd the truck. don't judge. 😐 and yes those AREN'T rotas.
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    Cressida parts...

    lmao, fuckin shame bill's car ended up like this.
  16. jzxseven

    Wanted: ecu connectors with pigtails

    dug through my old jz connector box. have the missing 3 you need. pm sent.
  17. jzxseven

    Wanted: ecu connectors with pigtails

    i might have some as well. i'll let you know when i get back home. certain acuras had those plugs. i think it was the legends and or vigors.
  18. jzxseven

    Gas tank full shows 3/4 full

    sender is accessible from the trunk.
  19. jzxseven

    i just wanna look good for you

    thanks my dudes. thorougly enjoying this build for sure. wheels are summit racing weld knocks. 15x10 0 offset 5 lug. my stock steelies didnt get finished in time and still haven't heard from the wheel place.
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    Team Somehow Running Again x7

    fwiw, my old x7 also pissed out oil through the breather.
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    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

  22. i got a stock shifter, just pay shipping. pm me.
  23. Honestly doesnt look too bad, either way that blows. With some time and patience youd be all right. But im sure those are two things you dont have right now lol.