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  1. Keith

    Japanese Buick Couture

    Hi dudes. Car had to go. Waning interest was certainly not the reason. Likely could have kept it but a lot easier to not and put myself in a better situation for the short term. Also glad to help out Ilia and a couple others that will put good parts to good use. Ilia is one of the best guys around. I'd like to have another, very simple drift car in the future, but my wants list is long. I for one don't give a flying fuck what it is. It's not about the cars to me, it's about the people. Anyways, didn''t mean to be so dramatic. Keep keepin on.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. PM responded. First post updated.
  3. Hub gone. Also have: Throttle cable. New from Toyota in '08. Think it's off a Camry? Works for X8/1j. $25 shipped. -6 Earl's fuel filter and line to go from hard line to fuel rail. You'll need to add a male -6 tube nut to the hard line. They're about $6 and it takes all of 10 minutes to do if you aren't a retard. SOLD.
  4. This is what's left. Nothing wrong, this turbo rules on 1j. I know 4 dudes that have the same set up. It's a $10 hub. Imagine what it looks like. I think there's a little chip of metal where the side hole is. It holds the steering wheel on. It's $10. I'm not taking a pic. Buy it and I'll throw in animal porn and a hot dog. *hot dog sold separately. Pedal assembly is sold.
  5. All parts from 1j X8. PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. kaizophoto at gmail,com (paypal address as well). Located in St. Paul. Paypal is good. If I'm off on my prices, shoot me an offer or whatever. 2jz MAP sensor. New in '09. $75 SHIPPED. JZX90 engine brackets. $60 SHIPPED Painless 12 circuit fuse block. $65 SHIPPED Taylor on/off switch. $15 SHIPPED Switch panel is sold.
  6. 2jz PowerFC w/commander wired to run my JZX90 1jz. Will include injector harness to run 1jz. Still have the box for it. Bought new from Unnatural through Mark. Info here: http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=2870&hl=%2B2jz+%2Bpowerfc http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=3037&hl=%2B2jz+%2Bpowerfc $950 shipped CONUS. Cheaper than any I've seen listed here. Will ship international at an additional charge. Money order preferred, I can wait. Trying to stay on the DL with IRS. I'm not taking pics. It's not scratched up. You know what it looks like. Please email if seriously interested. kaizophoto @@@@@@@@@@ gmaildotcom
  7. Not mine but belongs a good friend of mine. Located in MN. BNIB. http://www.briancrower.com/view.php?pn=BC0332 $400 shipped. PM IF INTERESTED.
  8. Keith

    Japanese Buick Couture

    Been happily ignoring it, unlikely to change for quite some time.
  9. Keith

    MX83 Drift Caliper Bracket

    By that logic, nothing needed to progress, ever. Cars could drive just fine when the first Ford rolled off the assembly line. For the love of god, let there be no constructive criticism in this world. Let's all get praise and participation medals. I don't know what you use, but I have heavy 18"s, 265s and occasionally hit tracks well above the usual 40mph drift jamz. Predictable and reliable performance is important to me. I have PMU pads right now that don't perform as well as I'd like using a hydraulic brake. Stock pads are not a step in the right direction. I didn't know if there are better pad options available. He says there are. Good to hear. Just love the culture of this forum. xoxo.
  10. Keith

    MX83 Drift Caliper Bracket

    I'm guessing that there aren't many "performance" pads available for that caliper? Or are there? Just wondering how much thought that was given to that rather crucial aspect when developed. Thanks.
  11. Keith

    American style tuning:

    How so? Make a large L bracket, weld it to the tunnel passenger side. Been yanking on mine for a few years. You could probably bolt it too, just put the heads on the exterior side.
  12. Keith

    Japanese Buick Couture

    Going off memory. Spacers: 23mm front, 27mm rear. Wheels: 18x9 +20 front 18x10 +30 rear
  13. Cut it all out. Bond S13 overfenders together to make them longer. Rivet on. Enjoy. That's what I'd too.
  14. Keith

    Japanese Buick Couture

    Some pics & vid from Automass Rd2 in Chicago. Planning on Gateway in November and then I'm done for the season. Then I'll start making the car look less crappy again. Lotsa angle, crappy tandem.