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  1. 3 months later... so what's the info on this kit? i'm glad enjuku is only an hour and half away...
  2. MxPwns

    Fs Steering Wheel + Hub

    how much shipped to 33773? very interested.
  3. MxPwns

    i really really really need

    so this thing is almost done? PM me your number and maybe we can meet up and i can see this thing in person. gl
  4. MxPwns

    MX83 Twin Turbo for sale

    wow free bump and nice setup. well worth all the pennies and nights of eating raman noodles.
  5. hmm this sounds interesting. I wouldn't mind a vacation also right before school starts. I doubt i'd bring the mx *there's always next year wouldn't mind flying out there and getting a rental. or I could just ride out w/ ranlet and split the gas costs
  6. MxPwns

    FS: 5 speed swap (R154) & LSD for MX83

    call me crazy but i'd rather have the LSD than a welded diff :shock: *same q as mr toycoma.
  7. MxPwns

    fs: stock x8 with immaculate interior NYC

    wow. that's a pretty clean cress. looks just like my dads *his is an 89* why not keep it? =O
  8. wow i need to get on more. late post i know! glad you're okay man dang. i wish i could do a d a m n swap in less than 2 weeks. <--- no money, school, bills, and most of all GF...lol car looks good. sportmax's = nice. what front bumper you goin to use?
  9. MxPwns

    my new x83

    i found change and razor blades in mine...nice find! -mark
  10. i'll chime in but i'm going to the mall...as for the drop in price for someone to buy it...i snagged it. -mark oh yeah i gotta do the n00b intro since i'm new...*makes new thread