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  1. MxPwns

    mike klassen PASS

    pass. good guy. i've talked to him on TC. knowledgable. holy shiznit... may tatlong filipino dito? pinoy ako!
  2. MxPwns

    pass/fail vote

    that'd be a lot easier. it should be auto fail if they don't have pic of their GF.. :mrgreen:
  3. MxPwns

    stage 21 bumper

    well right now it's in the development stage, so i'm not gonna take any orders or anything, but i want you guys to know they will be available for the summer, and they will be cheap as hell. DAMN TO THE MOTHER FUCKIN RIGHT.. count me in seriously... looks good. i like.
  4. MxPwns

    Stavros = PASS

    pass. this isn't the same rb'd cressida from japan is it?
  5. MxPwns

    Full Track X7! Boo-Yah!

    I R scurred. I'm at the public library right now withh a billion around me. I'm afraid of crazy arse pop ups. I'll check when i get home.
  6. MxPwns

    Project filthy. I can has new chassis plz?

    these should look good. =O
  7. MxPwns

    Full Track X7! Boo-Yah!

    word. start up w/ pics and maybe vid spraying fuel lines suck i know... something special? you gettin the Maria Osawa DP vid?
  8. MxPwns

    my RX80......

    they should make a lambo into a cressida how awesome and stupid would that be =O
  9. MxPwns

    jzx83 part-out

    Not bad. How much shipped to 33773 for the seats? also how much do you want shipped for the black rear bumper?
  10. MxPwns


    wow that's sex right there. I would most definitely trade mine for that...
  11. MxPwns

    Rob Martinez = fence pass

    +2 He a liaaaah! She has to have atleast a myspace...you know kids these days...
  12. MxPwns

    jzx83 part-out

    would like pictures of the front seats. Thanks Mark D.
  13. MxPwns

    my 1jz(jzx81) into mx83(usa) wiring guide

    i'd like to see both of your diagrams. maybe compare the two. keep it as hella nice references. *Sticky? =O
  14. awesome. can't wait for this thing to be done. i'm glad i'm just half an hour a way lol :twisted:
  15. i'd like to pricing and pics of cf hood on car before i can dedicate anything. not that i don't trust your friend or anything...it's just i've learned from other GB's and what not when i had a 03 sentra. *CF hood GB bad experience. Fitment was off. they sent the wrong screws and it looked like the hood was open when it was really closed... i'd just be interested in the hood *for now pls snap pics.
  16. MxPwns

    importconcern Cresta

    damn that car is pretty clean and chill. i'll most def be looking into a Mark II. Call me crazy but i love these x's.
  17. MxPwns

    seth smith ausfailiaaaaaaaaaa

    pics or ban. oh and pics of the gf NWS lmao. I wanna see the so called previous builds as well...
  18. MxPwns

    i really really really need

    Hey man, you need to hang out more. I gotta keep tabs on that car Miles, just take your driveshaft to Dependable Driveline and have it modified. word. btw i pm'ed you both.
  19. MxPwns

    importconcern Cresta

    man i wonder how hard it'd be to buy from them and register it in the states...
  20. MxPwns

    FS: 2JZGE Ceramic coated header cheap

    i might consider. any brand and where'd you get it from?
  21. MxPwns

    CACressida's Top Secret Project

    i don't get why there's so much hate in this damn thread... a lot of f bombs dropped to hell. post pics of progress? :?
  22. MxPwns

    MX83 Twin Turbo for sale

    if i didn't buy the current cressida i would be all over this like whii on rii
  23. MxPwns

    Fs Steering Wheel + Hub

    i have aim. I just msged you. lmk wassup. im not in a real hurry for this so take your time till you get a replacement. -mark
  24. MxPwns

    my RX80......

    this is freaking awesome... there's not much I can say but wow :shock:
  25. it's working out okay. i'll pm you. I don't want to jack the thread 8)