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  1. recent pics of car, motor, interior...everything....might be interested in the whole thing instead of parting out.
  2. MxPwns

    Keepin it Hood

    Both rear ends look pretty good but imo the mark II looks better. So you guys are located in Orlando? If I don't hear anything from Daft Innovations I might just have to get work done there.
  3. MxPwns

    1.5 jz fo sale.

    awesome thanks =)
  4. MxPwns

    1.5 jz fo sale.

    Still for sale? Which would be cheaper to ship to 92147 or 33773? Thanks
  5. MxPwns

    A car with my income = too much trouble

    x3...why didn't i get my Japan orders damn it! Hopefully next re-enlistment lol
  6. MxPwns

    cressi love!

    Good shiet fuck the haters. I wish I had a house so I could work on my car period lol
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    MX83 Cruiser...Snow sliding like a muv

    Looks really good! Might be costly to others but I think the turn out is nice esp with the DD suede seats.
  8. MxPwns

    1990 1JZ Cressida FS

    very nice and clean. it's been a while since i've been on here...
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    1989 Toyota Cressida Butilt 5 Spd Turbo

    if i wasn't in school I wouldn't mind having a gte'ed cressida very clean.
  10. Here is a Basic rundown on the car if i left something important out or have questions just ask. I will constantly revise to make this post as detailed as possible MAKE: Toyota MODEL: JZX90 CHASER Tourer V EXTERIOR COLOR: Silver INTERIOR COLOR: Dark grey ENGINE: 1jzgte twin turbo PRICE: $10,000obo LOCATION: Saint Petersburg, FL MILEAGE: 148,642 kmh = 92,361 miles DESCRIPTION: This is an awesome 4dr sedan but sporty car! it is a factory 5spd M/T car which is hard to find even in japan. This is a real RHD japanese car! So it has everything you would expect from a jdm car such as p/w side mirrors, rear wiper, factory rain guards window visors etc. (Interior) This car has full interior. I rate the interior about 8 or 9 out of 10. Shifter trim is painted white. Everything on this car works such as power windows, rear wiper, power side mirrors, wipers, all lights, everything that is soppose to light up inside lights up. Factory cd player works, cig lighter works. A/C and heat works. (Exterior) Exterior is silver in color. Paint is decent but has some imperfections. All lights work, has factory spoiler with 3rd brake light it works. Rear bumper has some spots that is damaged but in decent condition. Front bumper was cut to accomadate the FMIC. Front vertex lip is still in tact but has cracks(I might try to repair this) . Also Center piece of tailight is painted silver. (I have extra original red non painted center piece to go with the car. (Engine/Drivetrain) This is a healthy 1jz engine, it pulls very good and is very fast! The traction control light is on and isnt working (I believe the owner in Japan disabled the traction control for drifting ). Same thing with the ABS. Clutch feels good, it is a twin plate so it has that rattle noise when clutch is engaged. Suspension looks fairly. Also the Valve covers are polished! and looks awesome! MODIFICATIONS: DRIVETRAIN/ENGINE: 1) HKS Front mount intercooler 2) TRust/greddy 3inch downpipe 3) Custom made exhaust Catback 4) Twin plate clutch (unknown brand) 5) LSD (unknown brand) I dont know if its 1.5 way or 2 way but it works good INTERIOR 1) Momo Steering wheel 2)Bride Reclinable driver seat (has 3 spots wear the seams opened up) 3) Defi Link gauges water temp,oil temp, oil pressure 4) TRD speedometer gauge 5)Panasonic TV (has a weird damage but still works) SUSPENSION 1) Tein type HA coilovers 2)Cusco front strut bar 3)Interior chassis brace bar EXTERIOR MODS: 1)Vertex front add on lip 2)Vertex side skirts 3)Unknown brand rear aero fiberglass bumper 4) AVS rear wheels 17x7 +45 falken azenis tires 5)Work Mesh front wheels 17x7 +45 Goodyear eagle tires? CONS: Radiator has a crack which was jb welded up. The radiator still drips but car does not overheat. I check coolant level constantly. Fiberglass front lip has cracks Rear bumper needs fiberglass work Bride seat has tears ALSO PLEASE NOTE! I DO NOT HAVE A LEGAL FL TITLE FOR THIS CAR! BUYER WILL RECIEVE A BILL OF SALE ONLY! I am also willing to ship the car at buyers expense. Ask me any questions you may like and I can take pictures of specific things that you want. Price is $10,000obo Will take resonable trades Current pics of car More pics on this page... http://zilvia.net/f/cars-sale/214639-1996-...ourer-v-fs.html
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    G. any update? how many people left for this? 2?
  12. MxPwns

    Project filthy. I can has new chassis plz?

    WHAT THE CUT SHORT FUCK! DAMN IT! hahaha bitch sounds mean man... :twisted:
  13. MxPwns

    kyle wagner = fail

    i thought we were auto failing people if they didn't have a x. Until he gets a mx. FAIL. pics are down. FAIL.
  14. MxPwns


    where the hell is my $600 from the GOV?!!? i'll let you know by the end of this week if i'm in. Stupid Nissan cut my hours...
  15. MxPwns

    Way too much fun to stop.

    what's wrong withh the diff you pulled out? if nothing send me that one and i'll send you my welded...*seriously.
  16. MxPwns

    FS: 5 speed swap (R154) & LSD for MX83

    nooo! i've been waiting for his reply. i reallly wantt either LSD or open diff. welded daily is the sux.
  17. Well got bored last night and tonight so I took some pictures. I hit up the junk yard twice and scored pretty well. Found and Bought: Cover over steering column Speaker covers 3 oem cressida floor mats *fuckin 4th was missing leather arm rest pillar cover *not shown in pictures w/ "new" fitting 89 Rear tail lights and w/ matching white. AC "condenser" - my shit still don't work... Hope you enjoyed my boredness... oh...and yeah... how you like them apples?
  18. fail. posing next to someone elses car...double fail. girl withh nice tits...fuck pass her. host pics. :wink:
  19. i might be interested. also i tried calling you and left you a msg...i'm guessing you didn't get my call? number was from 727687...
  20. MxPwns

    poor mans cressida.

    seems like 2j NA is next big thing eh? i like the bay...i like stupid and rare / creativity...1 of 1 in my book
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    Battle House! x8 : dayum, time to update.

    shit that probably looks better than my sideskirts...i love how the car sits...most def going to pick up a set for my dads 89..shhhhhh!!!
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    pass/fail vote

    lol nice...a poll for a poll...very true though... WEA DA PO'!? :?:
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    stage 21 bumper

    can't wait. i seriously might be buying 2 sets...for my car and my dads car *MINT*he's giving me his in due time...both 89's
  24. i'll take the tail lights and rear bumper depending on the costs total. so what's the dill on int stuff? are you gutting the whole int? if so lmk...