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  1. Any update on the shipping? Please text me back.
  2. Payment sent via paypal. Thanks again.
  3. MxPwns

    DM AeroDesign MX83 Rear Roof Spoilers

    So did you pay for this spoiler already and haven't heard from them?
  4. Do you have pics of your Momo and how much? What's the make of your wheel?
  5. Not really jacking the thread since it's already gone....soooooo Do you have pics? Make, model, and price?
  6. Any luck on that shipping? I can paypal you as soon as I get an address and you're ready to ship.
  7. MxPwns

    FS: Kei Flow Aero

    You have a pm. =)
  8. MxPwns


    Looked through all 35 pages. Good shiet. How many cars do you actually have now? lol Nice house congrats.
  9. MxPwns

    JPR Motor Inc. GARAGE SALE OCT 26,2013

    i think he's the same guy that was selling the jdm x8 front end http://www.jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=9163 The last post in that thread referred to that website in his sig.
  10. MxPwns

    JZX81 Rear Roof Spoiler

    PM sent.
  11. MxPwns

    mx83 duck tail

    From what I read in the previous post...less that 200 bucks? Shiet I'm in.
  12. Get this and let's work on getting it copied!
  13. MxPwns

    X8 or Supra upgraded LSD --SOLD--

    And I hope you're joking by saying "cant by these parts" "Can't buy these parts."
  14. MxPwns

    FS: Tein Coilovers, IS300 flywheel, EDFC

    How many miles are roughly on them and do you know the spring rates on these?
  15. MxPwns

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    Damn bro looks good! Too bad it wasn't finished when I was there. I should be back in Oct / Nov so you better give me a rideee lol
  16. MxPwns

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    Awesome thanks! I'm definitely going to need to upgrade my brakes soon as I think the previous owner did poop for nothing on this car (old people). I'll probably be hitting up Aaron soon for some brakes.
  17. MxPwns

    DM AeroDesign MX83 Rear Roof Spoilers

    Where in socal are you located? I go to la area every other weekend
  18. MxPwns

    FS: jdm x8 frontend

    I can pick up the bumper if you decide not to ship. 2 hour drive from sd. Lmk pls.
  19. MxPwns

    WTB: OEM Driverside Brown door panel - X83

    Pm me your number. I may be able to help out.
  20. MxPwns

    Wheel fitment bitches x8!

    Do you have to run those 8mm spacers in the Front w/ those 17x9 +22's?
  21. MxPwns

    X7 trade for x8

    I hardly post on here but damn...nice user name
  22. MxPwns

    Cres GX81 Philippines

    Hoy Kumusta po pare? =) I was JUST in the Philippines and I'm going to kick myself if I was in the same area as you. We were in Manilla then Olongapo. I plan on going back to visit for at least 2 weeks in March/April and would love to see your work personally and buy the full kit from you...or even possibly buy it still and have it shipped to the states. =) I love the build and been following it since page one...just never posted haha.