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  1. MxPwns

    FS: Mark II Sedan Rain Visors

    I'll be pm'ing you shortly. I'm interested in partnering.
  2. MxPwns

    FS: Mark II Sedan Rain Visors

    How did it not happen? I'll give them a shot as well. If the price is lowered maybe I'll put in for them.
  3. If OP takes Wayhoff's offer or would sell seperate I'll take the whole front end conversion.
  4. Got your msg on FB. Whenever you get a chance hit me up with that PayPal address! Thanks
  5. MxPwns

    For sale rear mark II grande bumper (replica)

    This and I might be picking up a rear depending if Justin gets back to me soon.
  6. MxPwns

    For sale rear mark II grande bumper (replica)

    He's in Mexico pretty close to SD. Damn too this wasn't a couple of months ago because I was just up in Bay Area.
  7. Yeah you're definitely not going to last. I own a Honda and don't even act this dumb.
  8. MxPwns

    JDM Toyota Altezza Grill

    Gordo, I want too pls! Link as well
  9. You could always buy another cressida and do both. One VIP and one drift
  10. Gordo I also know the thread and guys name as well. Paypal me $4.99 as a gift and I'll send you the thread.
  11. MxPwns

    Kyle is a gay sellout

    Possibly sell and ship the Mark II front clip to 92128?
  12. MxPwns

    WTB Side window rain guards

    Good idea on the accord ones. I'm going to try some at vatozone and see how they line up. I also emailed a company that specializes in plastics to see what they could do for the window visors. Keep ya'll posted.
  13. MxPwns

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    FINE! In a bit.
  14. MxPwns

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    Actually I do want to know the price on the lights lol.
  15. MxPwns

    1JZ-VVT-i X8 From Florida - Party Time

    Those led rear lights look pretty cool. How much is that going to run you shipped?
  16. I had the same problem until I filed a claim against him on Paypal. He responded real quick. Future buyers - Never send money as a gift to anyone. He tried getting me this way. I was lucky to get my DM wing.
  17. MxPwns


    Damn the type 2 looks pretty sick. Trim delete makes the car look newer. Looking forward to the pic of the 4th brake light.
  18. I was in the same boat and I had to put a paypal claim in to see results. Once the claim was put in he messaged me to let me know items were sent with a tracking. I received my DM roof aero..in the box he even sent a note to let me know he was sorry for it taking too long. Put a claim in and I'm sure he'll msg you back. Make sure it's no more than 45 days past since you sent the money before your window closes and you can't get shit back.
  19. MxPwns

    Crab Cab

    Ah so you're the one who bought the kit. Lookin good.
  20. Received the DM roof spoiler. Thanks!
  21. Sorry I did receive your msg on here. Wasn't able to reply back as I'm underway and communications has been on and off. Thanks for the update.
  22. Thanks. Yeah I filed one yesterday so now it's just the waiting game. Did anyone who bought from Rogers get their things?
  23. Mr. Rogers, It has come to my conclusion that I may not be getting the wing that I paid for. I've been waiting patiently for nearly 2 weeks for at least a tracking number. I understand that you do not have a working vehicle and getting to a post office or UPS store is troublesome but these texts are nothing but broken promises. I get an update here and there how you've been busy with family, how the shipping label got smeared and you have to reclaim it at the store and ship it back out, but now no response for days since the last time you said you would ship it out. I've sent you a text message to BOTH numbers multiple times so there should not be another excuse that you did not get my text. Give me the common curtsy as the seller to update me and fulfill your end of this transaction. Either: A.) Send me the DM wing with a tracking number. B.) Refund the $201.00 via Paypal to the same email address. I'm done waiting.