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  1. MxPwns

    WTB Kouki MX83 tail lights

    How much do these things even go for with the center garnish?
  2. I probably have the least amount of posts with an almost 8 year membership. 3 cressidas. One of Mark's panda builds back in Tampa w/ the accord bumper, 2j na, and a lot of one off shiet on the chassis. A low mileage 89 w/ 32k on it that Gordo wants. And my weekend brown money pit warrior.
  3. Location and which car are they off of again?
  4. MxPwns

    JZX81 PARTOUT | 1JZ | X8 | Universal

    Great seller A+++. Communication is great. Honest seller.
  5. MxPwns

    FS Work emotion xd9 in white

    Teo which set were you looking to get? I'd like to have the 18's for spares. =)
  6. MxPwns

    1990 Toyota Cressida

    I'll take your cusco 2 way
  7. Hey ricky I'll take your old set of rain guards off of you =)
  8. Fuck damn it. I don't check for a couple of days and these show up. Gordo if you come up with another set I'll take them off your hands AND give you some lumpia
  9. MxPwns

    S9 type 1 bumper and skirts x8

    When you say bumper front or rear? Willing to ship?
  10. MxPwns

    ToyotaFest 2015

    Haha all good. Just can't wait to do normal shiet again and go to events.
  11. MxPwns

    ToyotaFest 2015

    Nice. I haven't talked to Demesio in a while. Aaron's MK4 is pretty sick and clean. Is there any meets coming up? I'm sure Odom would be down to go and I think his car is running again. Pics?
  12. MxPwns

    ToyotaFest 2015

    If anyone went how was it? *In this middle of the ocean. Meh.
  13. MxPwns

    JZX81 Cresta bodywork

    Man of course once I get on the fuckin' internet a steal like this posts. #deploymentstruggles.
  14. MxPwns

    Buy my battles.

    If you have these by the time I get back from deployment I'll take'em
  15. MxPwns

    Honky Enterprises MX83 Gauge Mounts

    Please shoot me a text. I got a new phone and lost all contacts. I'd like to shoot new photos for you. Thanks
  16. I'm down for the copies. You still got my number?
  17. Fuck I want these. I guess if Okidriftjr doesn't get these I have money ready to paypal you Gordo. Thanks
  18. If you could get the bumper and all lights that'd be awesome!
  19. Civic is gone. Lmk when you get a next shipment
  20. Damn it I should of sent you half the monies or something. Selling the Civic tomorrow. Puck.
  21. MxPwns

    89 Cressida with a two Jay Z....

    So where is the car now if wanting to pick up parts? Willing to meet in Yuma?
  22. How much shipped to 92128? I missed one of your rounds of sets
  23. Sorry for the wait. Money sent. Free bump. Pay up bitches.
  24. Hey so what happened to those baller VIP tails that you were getting made? Dibs if that shiet was legit.