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  1. MxPwns

    1989 Cressida Part Out - Northern IN

    Everything ac related (thats left) for friends 1j vvti Cressida
  2. MxPwns

    OEM strut bar FS

    I don’t need it anymore. Does not come with hardware that attaches to firewall. $old Located in Largo, FL trying to upload a damn picture but it’s not letting me. Compressed the size too. If you really need a picture I can sent it to you via text.
  3. MxPwns

    Spare parts

  4. MxPwns

    Spare parts

    Bumper as in front or rear?
  5. MxPwns

    JZX81 OEM strut tower brace

    Gordo yes!!! That rare unicorn of a door. Do you have any picture of it and did you “make it fit?” Brian yeah that’s the only two tone I’ve seen. The rest were either that maroon, blue, or gray leather.
  6. MxPwns

    JZX81 OEM strut tower brace

    Negative. It’s actually oem. Found it at one of the LKQ junk yards in CA. You should see the rear seats I also scored on 🤭
  7. MxPwns

    JZX81 OEM strut tower brace

    Where does that go? And thanks not that but I attempted to circle where the cubbyhole would be. I think they’re in the lower Gx81 models.
  8. MxPwns

    JZX81 OEM strut tower brace

    Whatcha watching? I would really like the hard to find folding bin right by the center ac vents go
  9. MxPwns

    JZX81 OEM strut tower brace

    Damn it okay lol dm me Brian. I’m located in Florida.
  10. MxPwns

    JZX81 OEM strut tower brace

    I might sell mine. Doesn’t have the firewall hardware though 🤦🏽‍♂️
  11. MxPwns

    havent posted in years. but i do own a x32 to

    If you see that post on FB that jzx welcomes with open arms...It was a joke... Just like a the 2jz w/ w58 swap you're "about" to do. If you do own these cressidas with both 2j swapped where are the pics?
  12. MxPwns

    YANKIIZOKU mx32's

    So is your group supposed to be translated as American group/tribe since you guys are "yanks?" Nanda yo...
  13. We welcome everyone with open arms and hugs.
  14. i have kouki tails with license plate holder. 2 pairs actually.
  15. MxPwns

    Wanted: Northern IS300 interior

    I'll keep my eye out. Dm me your contact so when I see something I'll hit you up