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  1. exciting sedan

    FS: Cressida LSD and Bride Maxis Replica

    Hey Dustin, if you still have the diff in a month or so i'll take it off your hands. I'll let you know when I can pick it up.
  2. exciting sedan

    ikeikei's Cressida

    Wow! this looks great Kei... There is a car meet at Pacific Raceways on Sunday...you should go, I think Tigran will too he's just about done piecing up his jzx83 I wanna check this thing out give me a call this week.
  3. exciting sedan

    X8 won't start

    well if you replaced the starter, battery and relay...could be that the factory Toyota alarm is engaged? happened to me once if you lock the door from the inside...( i.e. windows down, locked the drivers door from the inside using the door lock switch) this will essentially engage the alarm not allowing the car to start (safety feature). If so, lock the drivers door with the key from the outside and wait a few minutes then unlock the door. Then have a go with starting it. btw, there is a thread about the factory alarm causing problems somewhere on here just so you know.....SEARCH BUTTON ^
  4. exciting sedan

    X8 seat brackets for Xcessive Manufacturing

    RoyRogers - Try lining up the rear left with the outside hole and the rear right with the middle hole, just like what Mitch mentioned guaranteed it will work. I also used both the outer holes on one side to mount my Bride slider since they are a bit wider than the Sparco ones untill everything lined up. Universal fitment is a I used the Xcessive Seat brackets for the x8 in my Cressida this past week to install my Bride reclinable, the fitment is great! good quality seat brackets. Looking forward to getting other products from Xcessive. Drivers side, rear:
  5. exciting sedan

    American style tuning:

    ^ yeah Mark, Darren has a good point here ... if you can get into Boeing it does pay pretty good and has good benefits and with your wiring skills, it can go a long ways in the company. One of my buddies work there full- time right now and assembles wings for the planes, and he was only a part-time tech at Pignataro Volkswagen up here in Everett before he started like less than a year ago. you can also enjoy PGP up here year around since they just opened up the winter sessions at the track. If you're still in need of an exhaust, I have a stock downpipe and cat-back piping minus the muffler and cat haha....if that helps any I can probably work something out with Matt if you need it.
  6. Mark, he's on here haha...his name's Azrain and yes, he has a cool build http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=4713
  7. exciting sedan

    X8 wood wheels?

    Here's my current wheel in my car...It's a 360mm Nardi woodgrain, like what other people mentioned about how slippery wood wheels can get I can somewhat agree on that, not much grip there but I just wear gloves to acommodate that when I'm driving haha. The size feels right in a Cressida IMO, but those of you that have a seat may find it kind of inconvenient when getting in and out of the car. I also had both the leather Nardi Classic in a 330mm, and an SPW 350mm at one point. I liked both but I prefer the feel of the SPW wayyy better so comfortable. Many dudes on here have the SPW knock off or whatever you call them and I would suggest this one also for the price if your on a budget (you can find these off ebay for like $25-35 shipped). The 330mm seems to feel smaller and harder to steer in a big car like a Cressida opposed to an ae86. Like what Big mentioned in the first post I thought the black Nardi went well in a grey interior x8 like mine. I wish I could find a leather Nardi Classic in a 350mm tho SPW Type 4
  8. exciting sedan

    X8 seat brackets for Xcessive Manufacturing

    These look great! Ima have to get me one, once I source out a seat...
  9. exciting sedan

    ikeikei's Cressida

    Hey Kei, this is Jason...did you get your panel fixed over at the shop? lets see some pics.
  10. exciting sedan

    X pics only!!!!

  11. exciting sedan

    cut springs

    cut springs are gunna ride like shit on a x8, I had them before on my other Cressida. I'm running s14 springs all around at the moment and they're better if you wanna say it that way. either go with what feisar mentioned or do s14 springs for now. ultimately go with SerialNine shit if you want real suspension components though.
  12. exciting sedan

    X pics only!!!!

  13. exciting sedan

    JZXProject.com Vinyl

    Thanks Bill! they finally came in got the ones in chrome...
  14. exciting sedan


    hope your not giving up already... I look at it this way, if your planning on getting another chassis if you hate how the 7m is treating you now then instead of spending about $1500- $3k for another "running" car, I would save that $$$$ and get a 1jz or 2jz swap so you can have an even more reliable daily/track/whatever to drive then what your planning on getting as a daily, then you'll also save money by keeping the x8 you have right now for a shell to swap a motor into instead of wasting money finding another one later. If you think about it your most likely only going to get about a $1k if your lucky if you sell it probably less than that with a bad motor. Since your in Cali everything seems closer together compared to other places like up here in Washington (only assuming this from when I visited down there), there is always public transportation which will save you even more monies for the time being untill you get a swap running. not hatin' just my two cents...
  15. exciting sedan

    ABS Delete

    that'll be cool if you can do like a write up or show pics when you do yours, since pretty much everyone with ABS wanna get rid of it including myself.