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  1. Alex Wieder

    alex fail

    talk means nothing. get the x and sell that german crap wagon.
  2. Alex Wieder


    ooooor.... G could just make us fiberglass copies . dew it.
  3. Alex Wieder

    chris black pass

  4. Alex Wieder

    Battle House! x8 : dayum, time to update.

    thanks for all the positive comments guys it really makes me feel good about where the car is going, specially the MSC comment haha. well i'll keep it comming along as best i can. next time i will guarantee lowarrrr.
  5. Alex Wieder

    Battle House! x8 : dayum, time to update.

    hey guys, im back out at WSU now so theres gunna be no work till like winter break. anyway heres some shots from evergreen, and how my beast rests before its next battle. my side skirts exploded at the last event i ran, still haven't replaced them. also lowered the car some more. i really like how it looks right now, so much character. im gunna take off the sponsor sticker (ended with the season) and a few others. i also wanna go lower till i run my own bumper over. shes got her bugs to be worked out but its cool.
  6. Alex Wieder

    I been in and out the bank, bitch.

    yea they fit pretty good and allow for tire tuck. still i've been thinking of switching to a more positive offset but im just not sure. either way, they aren't bad but you can tell they are knockoffs right out the box. the finish is a bit grainier and the face is not as concaved. fuck it though haha. but dude... 205/40s? the fuck? puertorico rubber band status. just be normal and run 215/45 or 225 something.
  7. Alex Wieder

    Passnger front fender black box.

    lol yea those tires are fucking outrageous. good stuff.
  8. Alex Wieder

    Passnger front fender black box.

    You could find non-abs brake lines like in a junk yard off an x8, thats about it lol.
  9. Alex Wieder

    will pass

    Im very curious about IS300s, want see moar. pass
  10. Alex Wieder

    ryan FAIL

  11. Alex Wieder

    Brad pass

  12. Alex Wieder

    Passnger front fender black box.

    Thats your ABS, i have it too, my wheel specs are 17x9 +15 with a 215/45/17. I used to touch it every now and again, but im assuming that you have bigger tires then me or something. What are your specs? After i crashed on that corner of the car i had to move it a bit because it got pushed into my wheel. To make more clearance I hooked a come-a-long to it (racheting chain device) and just bent the brackets that hold it in along with the metal around it, and kept on pulling it out so that it actually clears by like an inch at full lock now. so you can.... a. smaller wheels/tires. b. bend the box and metal around it (not to much though our you could crimp/crack a brake line!). c. get non-ABS brake lines and do away with the ABS system all together.
  13. Alex Wieder

    Peewee's Automobills

    FUUUUUUUUUUU head for the hills! ZOMBIE THREAD
  14. Alex Wieder

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    LOL. The fact that it is clearly just stripped back down for inspection is so funny to me. Good job bro
  15. Alex Wieder

    Project filthy. I can has new chassis plz?

    Mark, your car is so gross it just oozes awesome.