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  1. Green Goblin


    They 18's Fooo.
  2. Green Goblin

    i love my mom

    ^^More than I got in the bank. More than alot of cressida owners prolly. Fuckin broke asses.
  3. Green Goblin

    I been in and out the bank, bitch.

    Car actually looks pretty cool dude. Lip is questionable, but overall those 19's don't look bad. Definitely a unique cressida.
  4. Green Goblin

    JZ to R bellhousing

    Holy F, someone buy this shit. I had to pay like $500 to get one into Canada from Driftmotion. F me.
  5. Green Goblin

    Chasers Lil Bitch Sister.......

    True story. Seen em snap apart at a local event.
  6. North Americans get all wet in the pants over that crazy 80's stylin.
  7. Green Goblin


    Had to quote this cause it's so awesome. Unemployed for 9 months? SR20 in X8? Give up on life.
  8. Green Goblin

    I been in and out the bank, bitch.

    No one is ever finished building their car. JZXProject is all about hating eachother, it helps to speed the build.
  9. Green Goblin


    Just cause you gave up on drifting doesn't mean everyone else has too.
  10. Green Goblin

    wtb Canadian Digital Cluster Setup

    Just incase you didn't get that... try www.toyotacressida.net. theirs a guy in BC canada who isparting out a 1989 cressida with a digi dash, his user name is BOLTZ
  11. Do they teach english in Az? PS: The period (.) key is just above the space bar, on the bottom right of your keyboard. PPS: Your friend is crashing into curbs multiple times in one day? I know practice makes perfect, but come on, find another hobby. Drifting ain't for everyone.
  12. You Albert folk have lots of money! Your dads air lift parts to you when your cars break on the highway, right? haha
  13. Save for the S9's, you'll be glad you did, trust me. PS: SERIALNINE coilovers complement a 1JZ very nicely. PM me if you're in the area and wanna see what it's like
  14. Green Goblin

    Front Lip Source

    Not to be a complete cock-sucker, but you shouldnt really be giving out tips on style. That lip is pretty good for one that can be found at the wrecker. It ain't perfect, but it would sure help any of your cressidas in the looks department. Fuck it, if I didn't have SERIALNINE aero waiting, I would prolly grab that lip.
  15. Green Goblin

    mike fail

    App taking too long? Maybe when u have more time, you can fill out the app properly.