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  1. what you talking about G we have white x8s in bc.. they are just really expensive lol http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/ctd/1068650278.html
  2. natsuke

    The shit you've NEVER seen. . JZ-ROD

    Lookin sweet G, glad to see ur still working on stuff. update us on the cressida as well, ur putting a kit on it aren't u?
  3. dang... my condolences go out to his family and all his friends
  4. natsuke

    Pimptastic Magic feat. SERIALNINE Coilovers

    finally some progress matt. get this shit done.. well when the stupid dollar goes up a bit. i know u got lots of help but if u need an extra hand i wanna get some experiance with some different swaps as ive never really done any with wiring involved in it etc. im always up for learning something new.
  5. natsuke

    Ian's x7

    heres a couple more pics i took today at lunchtime
  6. natsuke

    Ian's x7

    chris i would so take the motor and do a rebuild on it etc but i don't really have any space for it.. i could clean up my shed somewhat and buy an engine stand and work on it in there.. but now that there is snow and its like -10 or w/e its to cold for me to work outside in a non insulated shed. i might pick it up still ill have to see.
  7. natsuke

    Ian's x7

    Well i finally decided to do a bunch of work on it to bring it up to par. re packed the wheel bearings and new front brakes. lower ball joints where replaced too. just need some outer tie rods, roll the fenders and better fitting rims. needs some work done on the engine - water pump, timing belt, cam tower gaskets, and valve cover gaskets, also adjust the valves a bit. enough talk time for a couple pics
  8. natsuke

    Demon Hole JZX90

    Fuckin sweet! Keep up the good work.
  9. natsuke

    My Japanese Cadillac

    can't help u really with the engine problems, but the car is definately looking good. good luck with the build and hope the engine runs good soon
  10. natsuke

    X81 Project low down style - daily streeter

    the rear bar just brings everything together and it looks way better. stance is pretty good.. just need to role the guards if they aren't already and lower it at least another inch or so. keep up the good work
  11. natsuke


    ^^ i don't think he is in quite yet. this is just the applications section Looks amazing though. I don't know if my vote really counts or not but i say pass
  12. Wow. Looks awsome! Paint really brings everything together. Color match looks perfect in the pics.
  13. natsuke

    X81 Project low down style - daily streeter

    Looks good man. lowering if that much more will make everything fit just right.
  14. natsuke

    X90 DOT Headlights?

    when i do inspections etc for out of province at my shop ive never actually looked into anything being dot approved.. but i guess out of province isn't the same as a government out of country inspection. ive done rebuild title inspections to and like box 2 VI's. i have yet to look into things for being dot.. if it has headlights and side markers. everything is safe and in good working condition it gets a pass from my shop
  15. natsuke

    hang yourself

    any updates on how the paint scheme for ur car is going? do u have coilovers in the rear now instead of the lowering springs that you have for sale?