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  1. two down, one to go.
  2. nope. hmm, gonna have to look up that set. didnt think there were any other formula mesh in the states with these specs.
  3. post a pic and we'll see. lol.
  4. best focking wheels to come out of japan. had to own a set... or two.
  5. THIS GOES FOR ALL OF THE WHEELS, - Formula Mesh has the old school full stepped lip, unlike Reverse Mesh or Full Reverse Mesh. - Lips have been re-polished. - Faces have been powder coated, not spray painted. - All nuts and bolts have been stripped and recoated in black zinc like original. - 0 miles since refinish. Located in SoCal. More pics here, http://www.charlescharlescharles.com/wheels/ SSR Formula Mesh (Pair) - (2) 15x8" -14 offset. - 5x114.3 lug pattern. - SOLD SSR Formula Mesh - (2) 15x7" +10 offset. - (2) 15x7.5" +4 offset. - 5x114.3 lug pattern. - SOLD SSR Formula Mesh Yes, this is insane and hard to let go. - (2) 15x9" -27 offset. - (2) 15x10" -40 offset. - 4x114.3 lug pattern. - Great for a AE86 Corolla with N2 or CBY flares. Also great fitment for Datsun 240Z with flares. - SOLD
  6. Yes, sh!t is expensive. And I am still losing money on this stuff. That's what I get for not building a super bad ass cressida. Most if not all of this is the only one of its kind in the US. JDM Aftermarket X7 Front Lip - Fits 85-88 Toyota Cressida. - Probably the only one here. - Brand new. Never painted or installed. SOLD JDM GX71 Cresta Front End Conversion - Headlights, brackets, corner lamps, grille, and under headlight trim. - Comes with aftermarket H4 headlights with built in city lights. - Custom harness made for plug and play. - Fits 85-88 Toyota Cressida. - Extremely rare and expensive, even in Japan. - Used condition. SOLD JDM Kouki GX71 Bumpers - Fits 85-88 Toyota Cressida. - Front bumper from a GX71 Cresta, and rear bumper from a GX71 MarkII. - Front bumper comes with factory long signal lights and fog lights. - Rear bumper has thinner molding to match front bumper. - Complete with brackets. - Used condition. Heavy, no shipping. SOLD JDM X7 Fender Mirrors - Fits 85-88 Toyota Cressida. - Came off a MarkII GX70 wagon. - Extremely rare. Was not available on GX71 MarkII sedans or later model GX70 wagons. - Comes with custom made bases, to cover factory mirrors. Screws with OEM gasket. - Used but backside was recently powder coated grey, and front plastic rechromed. Mint! SOLD JDM X73 Inner Door Lights - Clear, not annoying red like the USDM ones. SOLD All parts in So Cal, OC/LA area. MORE PICS OF EVERYTHING HERE, http://www.charlescharlescharles.com
  7. 87-88 Super Monitor and Trim http://charlescharlescharles.com/forsale/supermonitor.jpg $50 shipped 85-88 Front Floormats - Custom made exactly like my OEM ones, exact same color and shape. - Used http://charlescharlescharles.com/forsale/x73floormats.jpg $45 85-88 Sunroof - no rust - easy to install, just a couple bolts underneath. no need to remove headliner. http://charlescharlescharles.com/forsale/sunroof1.jpg http://charlescharlescharles.com/forsale/sunroof2.jpg $50 85-88 Memory Power Seat Buttons - UNBROKEN cover. took me forever to find one. http://forums.toyotacressida.net/forums/at...mp;d=1225069337 $20 Repaired factory alarm box - came out of a 87. might not work with 85-86. http://forums.toyotacressida.net/forums/at...mp;d=1225088412 $20 parts all in socal. shipping available at buyers expense. thanks, c
  8. Eggman

    X7 fitment: pics, tips, advice and all that

    i cut the outer fender. the lip on the arch.
  9. OEM 87-88 X73 front lip. - Good condtion. Just ask if you want a pic. $25 Aftermarket JDM X7 lip - Fits 85-88 X7 Cressida. - Brand new. Never painted or installed. $250 pick up in socal. Speed Star MK-III Rims - (4) 15x9" +0 offset. - 4x114.3 lug pattern. - Has 195/50R15 Toyo T1R tires, but are worn. About 25% left. - Comes with all SSR centercaps (which you have to buy seperately) and valvestems. - Used condition, but in great shape. - Never curbed, bent, or repaired. - Less than 6 months old. - Save money and time and buy my wheels. It took Tanabe over 8 months to get these. SOLD ----------------------------------------- aftermarket lip sample pic. not my car. ssr mkiii Holds more than just cell phones. Holds everything in my pockets!
  10. cuz we all love pics, and the internet sucks without it. figured i'd post pics before i sell the wheels. 15x9 +0 fits flush with rear fenders, at this height/camber anyways. 195/50 toyo t1r, so it fit pretty good with the fenders. i did have to shave the hell out of the rear fenders but no rolling or flaring necessary. in the rear, on the inner side it was a real tight clearance with the rear shock. maybe 5-10mm clearance. and thats with a stretch tire and a oem style shock (not a spring over the shock).
  11. - memory power seat buttons with UNBROKEN cover. $20 http://forums.toyotacressida.net/forums/at...mp;d=1225069337 http://forums.toyotacressida.net/forums/at...mp;d=1225069347 - repaired factory alarm box. $20 http://forums.toyotacressida.net/forums/at...mp;d=1225088412