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  1. I'll take back seat leather peeled and shipped (mainly need the bench part, if u dont want to trouble urself removing the top half) let me know what u want for them, i can paypal u immediately.
  2. KryptoniteFusion

    FS: new X7 tie rods

    these the ones u got from autozone/kragen/oriely? or dealer?
  3. KryptoniteFusion

    FS: JZX81 Chaser Tail Lights, 1990 Cressida TSRM

    chaser lights!!! do u have the trims that goes on the bottom? How much for shipping to 90026?
  4. KryptoniteFusion

    R154 stuff, 1JZ stuff, stock stuff.

    very interested in the shifter...got pics?
  5. KryptoniteFusion

    Mounting 2jz into MX83

    I had this problem too. i had rubber mounts so i was able to pry it a bit to get the bracket on. Curious as to what the proper way should be to install them with urethane mounts. keep us updated and let us know if taking the engine mount out and bolting on the bracket first works.
  6. KryptoniteFusion

    FS/trade: JZ front sump.

    i mean ask if they will trade a mid for a front. that one is pricey cuz its new
  7. KryptoniteFusion

    FS/trade: JZ front sump.

    have u tried hitting up driftmotion?
  8. KryptoniteFusion


  9. KryptoniteFusion

    84 MX62 wagon 5 speed conversion

    since we're talking about x6 wagons is the driveshaft onepeice anyways? all x7 wagons are onepeice...so just wondering.
  10. KryptoniteFusion

    XM motor mount review

    yeah i ordered the first set of xm s1 mounts. i thought it was my rubber mounts going (probably is bad now) i dont know if this is a good photo: but its tilting on the exhaust side also, as well as flexing when i rev ...btw its stock 1j, i guess its enough to bend the mounts Thanks for bringing this to our attention and im glad XM will fix this for us. Is it better to call or email XM? And will XM send in replacements with a photo showing proof or what? Damm u Richard Rabe....so smart. (i was told it was gonna take a ton of torque to bend these lol)
  11. KryptoniteFusion

    84 MX62 wagon 5 speed conversion

    the best pedals for ur mx63 is one from an mx63. the front half of a ma70 probably wont work on the mx63. i think u will need a custom driveshaft.
  12. KryptoniteFusion

    Trap Star 1JZ-GTE UCF20 build.

    7m valve cover gasket works.
  13. KryptoniteFusion

    JZX81 Rear Roof Spoiler

    That was actually a LX80, might still fit the jzx81, looks like the same body as a mx83 so should work there also
  14. KryptoniteFusion

    FS: sparco sidemount seat rails sets x11

    ok. im waiting to hear back from jason since he's selling a used one for slightly less and is in the states. we'll see how that goes,