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  1. I_need_money

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    @WhoreMouth_Jr that's a rad lower.
  2. I_need_money

    Bottomless money pit X100

    Meh i need to for the sake of selling it. But I'm just over it. But I'll probably buy a gx71 eventually. I was always a dirty AE86 person anyway. Got back to my roots and went full autismo on them the past few years.
  3. I_need_money

    Bottomless money pit X100

  4. I_need_money

    Bottomless money pit X100

    Bump drifted car. Parked it. Pulled engine for my supra, blew engine. Now it's a shelf in my garage.
  5. I_need_money

    Bottomless money pit X100

    yeah sure is. A few of us bought cars but the importer got lazy on the dis-mantling. I originally was waiting on another car. This is the only jzx that made it through. When durdan moved back to FL I got it off of him. Lmao, Mats didn't really follow through with all the precautions. I think he heat taped everything but didn't try a serious heat shield or re routing anything. The waste gate was right by the booster in his setup. Because his car is already a full on FD car he just went floor mount and didn't continue dicking with the stock shit. I want to re position the gate, ceramic coat manifold if time permits, build heat shield, wrap, turbo blanket etc.... that and I have an Origin hood coming with the rear position heat vent cowl thing. And IF none of that shit works I'll have a hella flush swag status >9000 chase bays booster delete/wilwood master with remote reservoir on standby. and further more if that shit sucks which it will most likely. I will try a swing down setup or a boat anchor to throw out the window. and that is where I am at.
  6. I_need_money

    Bottomless money pit X100

    Thanks, I thought about that immediately. single piston master is so sketchy. the more and more I think about it I will probably go swing down race car stuff. I just want a lot of options when I put the car together, I'll re do the upper wastegate first and see if I melt the booster like Mats baribeau does. If it holds up then that'll be the end of it. Just in case im going to have all the manual brake stuff with a couple of different masters mocked up and ready to drop in as a last resort until the car goes full retard. I work 3 weeks in the field and usually only have 5 solid days off. So its always hectic and I don't have time to re order shit and test etc...
  7. I_need_money

    Bottomless money pit X100

    Yeah im worried about it gordo. I'll try a few different master cylinders and shit. Maybe try to re route the upper wastegate away from the booster also. If it doesn't panout ill go to a full swing down setup.
  8. I_need_money

    Bottomless money pit X100

    thanks dudes. its a tex racing t101a. and i'm using the stock pedal assembly just got the twins turbo tilton clutch master and chase bays booster delete. see how it pans out. Hopefully on my days off in two weeks I can start posting some actual progress instead of a bunch of pieces.
  9. I_need_money

    Bottomless money pit X100

    test fitting the engine manifold and turbo. RIP brake booster and factory clutch master. dog box fits at least kinda... sorry bout your floor pan, Clutch fan for life
  10. I_need_money

    Bottomless money pit X100

    Hey bros. I've been collecting parts for my gx100 for a minute now. Basically I bought a shell GX100 that was brought in from japan through a engine importer. No power train, lights, seat belts, front doors etc.. so it'd clear customs as parts. Well it did so now I have this awesome expensive shit box that will never ever be road legal. so whatever I guess ill drift it to death when its done. when I got the shell after loose cosmetic stuff recieved separately had been installed. total grandma spec. and then the parts started piling up.
  11. Awesome man. Anything will help. Right now im poking around with a multi meter like mr Magoo or some shit.
  12. Thanks man. Yep that's it. The ecu is still there so luckily I still have the interface plugs to ecu. Just have to figure out the pinouts for these now and im ready to rock
  13. Thanks man. Those pinouts are exactly what i was looking for. Yeah ill get pictures of the connectors tomorrow. Whatever aphxero doesn't have laying around. I'll definitely hit you up for rue.
  14. aphxere - that would be awesome man. the car came as a shell so I didn't get anything engine related. If you could come up with those plugs I'd definiatly grab them off of you. I'll take some pictures edit- I am running a 2jzgte and have all those plugs already. its just the ones that interface with the chassis