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  1. mmmjesse

    1992 JZX81 Mark II

    you need my s13 and i need this in a bad bad way.
  2. mmmjesse

    Ameen's cressida

    i need more 1j in my life. id trade my s13 for a 1j cressida in a heart beat.
  3. So at first glance the cresta headlights and bumper seem like they would fit in a x83 with out hacking stuff up. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. mmmjesse

    Need 1JZ info!

    ive never seen a shop install something for dirt cheap and do it worth a shit. Most times its never gotten completed.
  5. mmmjesse

    It has begun....

    what u doin
  6. mmmjesse

    FS: JZX81 Tein HA Coilovers!!! soooold

    i hunt birds, withh grenades
  7. mmmjesse

    FS: JZX81 Tein HA Coilovers!!! soooold

    tell amir to buy them and send them to Jesse in greensboro.
  8. mmmjesse

    ben smith, oversteer PASS

    pass when we get GF nudes
  9. mmmjesse

    FS: My JZX83

    Is this still for sale?
  10. mmmjesse

    Sad night at Old Series Garage. Caution: sad footage

    Oh, and i want your wagon.
  11. mmmjesse

    Sad night at Old Series Garage. Caution: sad footage

    I just died a little inside. Ive drooled and cried over cars in the local j-yard. Crowns, stouts, celicas, cressidas, and all the others. Loosing a car isnt shit. Loosing pieces of history like yours is the worst.
  12. mmmjesse

    FS: 1989 MX83 complete rolling chassis - $800

    Really wish i could have picked this up. Would have looved to do a 1jz withh A/C and all. Do some coilovers and descent wheels and had a baller daily. Jesse
  13. mmmjesse


    nice handy work withh the cutting wheel on the rears. I might mention that little trick to my friend. His Q25 is in need of more room. Jesse
  14. mmmjesse

    5speed 7mgte 89 Cressida Many parts $1700

    Would you deliver to North Carolina? Jesse
  15. mmmjesse

    1UZ > 1JZ

    I think i remember something about an mr2 flywheel working. i dont know if it was the NA or the Turbo flywheel. Jesse