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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toyota-Other-/172264110722?forcerrptr=true&hash=item281bbdba82:g:lakAAOSwc1FXcZaz&item=172264110722 I inspected this car last weekend - super nice and unmodified. Honestly - I have no idea if the asking price is out of whack or not but the car is very impressive. i can get anyone in touch with the owner if interested.
  2. NC_Mx83

    wtb x8 head unit, climate control

    interested in a tacoma head unit with in dash CD player and amp? looks factory and sounds 100% better than stock. i need to check but i might have a S1 climate control unit. cant confirm if it is good so i will give it to ya for free. PM me bro
  3. 60mm gauges don't fit in the center console. 3 52mm gauges are super tight.
  4. hey guys - sorry for sliding off the radar completely. my job has been going full bore for the last year or so. the demand for these gauge mounts has never been really big but I just kept making them out of enthusiasm for the jzx platform. I have never really done it for the money but I need to bump the prices cause they have not changed since 2008 and my material costs have gone up. Usually a batch lasts about a year, and I break even when it is about 2/3 gone. enough of you have reached out as a result of these thread bumps that i will do another batch. Here is what I do have left: (4) 60 mm clock replace kits - available (2) 52 mm clock replace kits - waiting on payment form a couple guys, I will post back when I have more (0) center console 52mmx3 kits - I will post when I have more made and ready to ship. I have already ordered materials so the new batch is underway.
  5. 120 shipped for ALL the stereo stuff WTF?! Headunit, amp, pioneer door speakers, poly tweeters jumpers for rear speakers. Everything works like factory. Plug and play Need cash and space in the garage..
  6. complete with all wiring and harnesses. small dent in the bezel... otherwise perfect. the lenses is scratch free and clear. $130 shipped 48 state, will include a clock replace gauge mount for $20 more (normally 45)
  7. NC_Mx83

    GReddy 2-Bar boost gauge - SOLD !

    I got one of these in silver with peak hold warning features if anyone is looking for a greddy v1 boost gauge.
  8. NC_Mx83

    WTB Largus sway bars.

    The bars on that new guys car are ARCs- Gordo you sold em to me about 5 years ago. Then I sold em to the guy who built that white car with one green wheel.
  9. NC_Mx83

    Honky Enterprises MX83 Gauge Mounts

    Nope - you only need to trim the top portion right above the factory position for the radio.. It is at the beginning of the instruction steps that came with the gauges mount kit. I just send you a PM with my phone number if you have more questions
  10. NC_Mx83

    Honky Enterprises MX83 Gauge Mounts

    I have the templates ready- fits either 52 or 60mm. The plates can be used on the right of the two center vents or the one to the left of the steering wheel. How many people would be interested?
  11. NC_Mx83

    Honky Enterprises MX83 Gauge Mounts

    I am partial to version1 greddy gauges - I have a stash that I have been horde-ing for years. let me know if you are interested.
  12. Bump--- will include center console for free with stereo.
  13. NC_Mx83

    rip garage x8 jz mount brackets

    Shit - have not heard the name rip garage in a while. They still around?
  14. yup - did not take long. I have not see a MX83 that clean in a long time. 200k all stock for 2500. 7m upper end had just been rebuilt so a least it could be driven as is for a while