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  1. So i do custom paintwork like this on valve covers, helmets, guitars, etc. Here i have a set of non vvti 1jzgte valve covers painted in the old skool HKS pattern and with a purple pearl sprayed over it. Its all automotive paint FYI. Posting here first before posting on other forums. $300 or $250 and your valve covers. must not be damaged with broken tabs where the bolts go. plus shipping located in Downey, CA celicadrifter@sbcglobal.net pics.
  2. CelicaDRIFTER

    Drift motion Turbo kit reveiws

    Its says on the DM site that they use Garret internals on their turbos. Odom is running a 6262, dunno if its a precision or a DM turbo. forgot. As for Holset HX35's, on my 2j its maxed out already at 18psi. Tuner tried running it at 22psi but it wasnt doing much. Although, hitting full boost at 3300 rpm is awesome. haha.
  3. $900 1jz greddy turbo manifold with wastegate http://palmsprings.craigslist.org/pts/4089313385.html
  4. CelicaDRIFTER

    JPR Motor Inc. GARAGE SALE OCT 26,2013

    i just picked up a pair of Z32 turbo calipers and a jdm painted wood steering wheel over there today.
  5. CelicaDRIFTER

    JPR Motor Inc. GARAGE SALE OCT 26,2013

    the jzx100 front clip i had came from them.
  6. CelicaDRIFTER

    FRP Wide Front Fenders

    You can probably hack up some S13 frp fenders and x8 fenders and mold them together if ya know what i mean. haha.
  7. CelicaDRIFTER

    X pics only!!!!

  8. CelicaDRIFTER

    mx83 full body kit

    looks like the same front/sides lucas copied. he has no rear tho...
  9. That would be nice. Made in Mexico... but at least its not made in china? haha
  10. CelicaDRIFTER

    ☆☆☆ CRIMSON BROWN-PIE vvti 1jz ☆☆☆

    ^ the inlet/outlet on that i/c looked like 2"
  11. CelicaDRIFTER

    Wtb: x8 mark II tailights

    theres a set i saw somewhere on ebay. it would be around $300 after shipping.
  12. CelicaDRIFTER

    ☆☆☆ CRIMSON BROWN-PIE vvti 1jz ☆☆☆

    All the cars in that pic are either JZ or UZ powered.
  13. CelicaDRIFTER

    WANTED: IAT sensor plug

    i might have one. hit me up on fb
  14. Buddy of mine is selling D-Max S-chassis type 3 style aero like the one THUG posted. $850 for the whole kit. If i had the cash i'd be able to modify the S13 stuff to make a plug for a mold. Done that kinda stuff before with a shop i used to work for. Mainly for vented hoods. If the BN Sports style aero aint done by the time im looking for aero, i might just hack up S13 aero for myself.
  15. Buddy of mine selling a JZX90 Mark II front end in SoCal http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/pts/3795466393.html
  16. It was either this car. (JZX32) or this car Lloyd won with (JZX73). They didnt say which car. EDIT: So it was the red x7 that won 1st. Irik's UZX73 and mine. (JZX83)
  17. Funny tho, we dont know which car he got the win for. His x3 or x7. LOL.
  18. Tomorrowww! cya guys there!
  19. CelicaDRIFTER

    ☆☆☆ CRIMSON BROWN-PIE vvti 1jz ☆☆☆

    Even up in the air the car is lower than most cars. HAHA
  20. CelicaDRIFTER

    ☆☆☆ CRIMSON BROWN-PIE vvti 1jz ☆☆☆

    In the first video the car was actually stuck. haha
  21. CelicaDRIFTER

    Bringing back the dead 1jz mx83

    Heey! Brians old car??
  22. See you guys there. Dunno whats going on after the show yet. Might be a last minute thing again unless someone plans something.
  23. CelicaDRIFTER

    Bosch 044 fuel pump in an X8

    Anyone running a Bosch 044 in-tank in a x8? I wanna see how you modified your fuel pump hanger. I have a 8an bulkhead i was gonna put in, but mocking up the pump and bulkhead, theres not much room to play with. I could possibly use the return as the feed/ drill that out for the 8an bulkhead since it would be inline with the pump and turn the feed pipe into a return and maybe use a 8an female/female coupler to join the pump and bulkhead. Any ideas or suggestions?