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  1. holy fuck! those are very nice!!!!!! if i let my homegirl give you happy ending + cash would you d:D
  2. 1on1

    Differential Back Cover Hex Bolts

    thanks a lot guys i drove everywhere and called places found one at sears. installed the new bolt, my diff still moves so i will need new bushings and a new back cover. will probably go back to the junkyard sometime this week when its cooler in cali
  3. 1on1

    diff bushings for x8

    so i found out, i am missing that hex bolt to the diff cover (which is the reason why my diff shakes when i drive it). any luck on those bushings?
  4. What size is that Hex Bolt? for an X83
  5. 1on1


    this guy is legit man.
  6. 1on1

    project who cares.

    who isn't a member on zilvia and have an s-chassis
  7. 1on1

    project who cares.

    Nice s-chassis if I showed my s14 how it's state atm you guys would look down on me
  8. 1on1

    Huge Dish SSR 18x11.5 -21 offset

    that's a cheap price and nice size...wish i wasnt laid off.
  9. 1on1


    scott is a good friend and helped me a lot on my s-chassis problems. I vouch for this guy. WTF scott you got a mx83!!!! we should help each other d:D
  10. 1on1

    diff bushings for x8

    im not really in a rush cuz im mainly working on my s14 trying to get that ready for track.
  11. 1on1

    diff bushings for x8

    how much would you charge a set for solid bushings? this is all 4 correct? $110 was for all 4 bushings + new sets of bolts and washers. if duaxmachine can not make me a set, do you think you can hook it up with that price?
  12. 1on1

    diff bushings for x8

    been searching on the forum but havent seen any yet. i went to toyota and to replace with oem cost about $110. anyone make diff bushings?
  13. if ever I come up withh money I'll take them off you
  14. 1on1

    sup guys im new

  15. 1on1

    my new x8

    hella swoop, i wish in cali we can find shit like that.