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  1. kidzik007

    Brian's Cressida

    I have been away from the forum and from DM for a while... I come back and KAWBAM! FREAKING BRIAN HAS A CRESSIDA AGAIN!!! Congratz bud! looks pretty good! Keep at it and let me know when u need paint! I tought you were getting 100's front end tough...
  2. kidzik007

    Build thread for my "Kerr"

    all the car is one color now and I recleared the hood because it was pretty dry... Hopefully ben will post moar pictures of it... This car gives me goosebumps: incredible to believe that it is a cressida 8)
  3. kidzik007

    Build thread for my "Kerr"

    at least she is out of the shop....
  4. kidzik007

    Build thread for my "Kerr"

    well, the car turned out great i cant wait to paint the body kit. After selling the **jdmtytefanboicorolla** i was thinking of getting another 240 hatch or even another JZS147 for track but now im considering this chassi heavily... Plus a shell should be cheap too lol
  5. kidzik007

    1UZ > 1JZ

    soooo.... To drop the 1/2UZFE into a cressida you dont have to get a different cross member? cos if that is so, in theory I should be able to drop one into my 95 gs300... withh an r154 tranny adapter kit from NZ... your opinion? so much for a first post...