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  1. battleaxe

    Gordo's X8 Ramblings

    my simpson is a M1995 unit, my new one is a M2010. do those old ones get recerted? i really like my old one better than the new one. new one is a bit stiff in the cheek. both my helmets use the same visors with different hardware, interesting how they chanegd and didnt change. i think in 2015 they started a new design and phased out all the old stuff. i dont really like the new stuff with their weird ribbing on the top.
  2. battleaxe

    X-81, blue on blue thats fucking ross.

    link and haltech both do that and the haltech is oz and link is kiwi, both great computers and have huge support locally. i think it looks great and period correct to the nineth. that cusco livery, ooough, very nice, thought it was a subby cause thats what i associate that livery with lol
  3. battleaxe

    X-81, blue on blue thats fucking ross.

    Why not ditch the jdm non sense and get a link or haltech and make some good reliable power to complement the style of the car. Big zoomer
  4. battleaxe

    2 many cressidas. a x3 build thread

    Looks like a couple parts catalogues. That filter is a joke...what's going on there? Let that thing breathe
  5. battleaxe

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    I'm not taking credit for a single thing in this world, let alone your cookie cutter car. None of my cars are outside OEM and wheels. It's simple and easy, no fiberglass. Give your head a shake bud. Watch more letterkenny
  6. battleaxe

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    look at your thread and notice the progression from dog shit, to aii, alright, with a side of lame lace transfer. bruv
  7. battleaxe

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Also, as of note, to review the last page of curlys and see the other 4 variations of terrible before finding the efame with a solid coloured car with all the advise of guys to make it not look terrible. Life is an actual joke
  8. battleaxe

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Ohh, that guy. He had some nice looking cars, although it's easy to toss wheels, coils and a kit or no kit and not fuck it up but 85% of "car guys" do. His IS is actually terrible looking with whatever paint/wrap he has going on...the red one I see doing a skid anyways.
  9. battleaxe

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Pot meeting kettle over here lol. Who is this "AJ"? Next question, who would willingly prefer being called "AJ" And yoooo SMJ Jordan. Ooouff. Forever a Buffy crush
  10. battleaxe

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    glad you changed that crash bar, your life will be infinitly better driving it around without that bit, AND i like how the corners arent barely touching rims like most others i see colour looks like most other purple cars that sort of want purple, looks good though, should post bigger pics of the ones on IG. where the colour can be seen in full sunlight
  11. battleaxe

    Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

    This is not how to use the internet
  12. theres a lot of me that wants that chassis to start fresh...but a whole other part of me that does not want to do the entire chassis swap...especially the rear tubs and trans tunnel. i will give mine a viking funeral and maybe find this vessel in the future. my condolences to the life circumstances that aren't so good right now my dude. hope you see your way through them whatever they may be
  13. battleaxe

    Curse of the Cressida

    got some 0/1 gauge wire for the cressida, a whole 25ft spool lol. s13 is getting done at a snails pace..once that chonk is out of my way the cressida has a heap of quick projects to get done and should make it 20% better and safer to drive so i can enjoy doing highway burners. i have this wavering interest in gs300/aristos and just want a basic auto car to whoosh to work in..in comfort and ac. aristo would be sick for the motor and daily and so so gas mileage...but a gs300 is lhd and cheap...usually owned by dickheads tho. got a wandering mind
  14. battleaxe

    Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

    i like the era correctness theme. im HUGE on advan 3 spokes, just cant find any current gen VII or whatever was on Nobs S15 when it came to USA forever ago...they just dont exist in used as theyre so unpopular. need some kind of chin spoiler or something, def not a fan of the skirts, they look so out of place on the car, but thats me ppl be giving up on their projects once the IG followers drop off...or if they cant bolt a part on...
  15. battleaxe

    Team Running Again Mostly version x.7

    if they do it again next year i want to go. i need a normal and stable drift car. easy to drift and drive home when you're not even double digit kms away. supra has slow and interestin steering, cressida hates to start every time and is a couch, and the s13 is just in pieces still. i admire what you got going on and how much you work on your cars to keep them "functional"