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  1. battleaxe

    Curse of the Cressida

    ive been dailying this thing to work this past week. its both good and bad to drive and i get real dumb with it. decent gas mileage too i find it hilarious, better than the d21 for sure..did cost me 100 bucks to fill up with basic ass pump 91 (55L)
  2. battleaxe

    Curse of the Cressida

    I'll take a look into that dude, thanks. Didn't think there would be recorded data on ethanol content here. I have no interest in using e85 as I'd like to drive my cars anywhere and don't have patience to hunt down a station so pump gas it will remain. As well, my cars tend to sit..not my long term goal though, I want to run 2 plates and cycle them every few months and get more use out of them.
  3. battleaxe

    Curse of the Cressida

    as im sure it is down south, ethanol is being cut into gasoline to extend their product. issue is with ethanol is the sitting and the fuel deteriorating. as well, ethanol absorbs water which is not good for old metal tanks. one way around this is to park it with a full tank of gas and put fuel stabilizer in it. Ethanol is sitting do not mix well, not even sure what climate would be ok with this. e85 is something else. Still perplexes me that the gas companies add ethanol into regular gasoline to dilute it, and then you pay a premium for e85, which isnt even 85% most of the time at the pump. definite positives to be gained from e85 but it requires cycling it all out if you have the car sit for a few months so it doesnt gel, and the e10 or thereabouts in 87 octane isnt good for anyone. 91 octane is a random batch if it includes it or not, some pumps say no ethanol in 91 and some do.
  4. battleaxe

    Curse of the Cressida

    update time Supra, I put the Bosch 044 in, did not cure my fueling issues. got 4 laps into a skid day and was having fuel pressure issues. dropped the tank and cleaned up, bunch of of ethanol in there...fucking gas companies should leave this garbage out of fuel. cleaned the fuel sock, put new gas in, as well as an inline fuel filter, should be ok for a week? cressida, i have been futzing with this past week, tightened the steering rack more, i hope this cures the sliding of the rack. took the starter off, had it tested, 40/40 starts. i crunched down the starter trigger wire more, hopefully cures it? so far 15/15 starts. riveted some aluminum to the bumper to stiffen it up, still needs some braces. took the door trim off to retape it as it was coming off. feels so weird to have had this car for so long and never drive it. curse of the cressida. going to put insurance on it tomorrow and make it my daily. load it with tools and give it a go before i head to japan in 2 weeks. s13 is still in the garage taking up space, however we put the battery in it and tested the wires and everything works. so thats sick. i bought 2 other d21 hardbodies and am waiting on a title for one, and the other i made into a daily. still sourcing the reason for bad fuel economy. all 3 trucks are sohc ka24es and this truck is getting 7km/1L which is terrible...every sensor seems to check out and drives just fine, peppy even. hence the want to switch to the cressida. civic i want to put a rear main seal into before i nuke my clutch otherwise its ready for winter if i need it. put my 663k km engine into raspberry truck as the 262k km motor in it was sitting for 10yrs and had horrible chain rattle. swapped the 2 motors over a weekend in the gravel with 4 big plywood boards and some hand tools. was not a great weekend. bought some new tires too to join the mudder club of mallcrawlers. i parted and sold the white truck with all the belltech stuff on it so once raspberry has papers ill throw the OZs on the raspberry and sell the blue truck, so ill be back down to 1 d21. civic, i daily drove all year. did some grippy feet and did a mission track event..actual grip racing, was a lot of fun.
  5. battleaxe

    Sleeper MX83 build

    USA has like all of the old old datsuns and toyotas just sitting in yards and barns though, and most of your markets down there for various chassis havent hit idiot level like they have here. a lot of the jdm cars coming in now, are in the 20k range because all these fucking losers up here are trying to sit on these cars until they're legal in the states and try and sell for 20k US. both the canadians and americans have created this artificial bubble of a car market. stupid type r s15s are in the 20-25k range, and the type s's are in the 10-15k. blows me away. even the garbage jdm cars are all around 6-10k. or maybe im the loser and think these cars are worthless, cause to me a s15 type r is woth 10k tops...hopefully stock, but whatever. all the jzx's are stupid priced and some of these half ass modded cars that need a new motor or turbo are in the 20k range too and its laughable. people have started to "waffle" these over priced hunks of shit so they get their money and someone gets a "chance" to own it.
  6. battleaxe

    Sleeper MX83 build

    americans cant talk any sort of shit about conversion until you see the cdn dollar to anything. eff you man. that 300 would be nearly 700 for us at least.
  7. battleaxe

    demogorgon15's trusty ol steed

    its mostly face design mixed with offset...too many variables for some oddball stuff. the 91 7 spokes from a s13 fit, but have to be the hollowed out versions (2 kinds) they allow clearance all around with the de ribbed ones. any flat faced or low disk wheels wont work, spokes need to be bending out if that makes sense. like a concave cr kai or advan model 5 or something like that.
  8. battleaxe

    Sleeper MX83 build

    hoping the parts from russia work out, would be a nice option as there isnt much locally.
  9. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    no idea how our dollar gets affected by anything, never took economics lol blanket healthcare. no family doctors out in bc, all walk in clinics, typical wait time is 1-3hrs to get basic walk in stuff done, but that is covered by our medical service plan we all pay into, albeit a flawed plan. surgery can be months and months away on the regular, private options have started to pop up as an alternative but arent covered by our health services and would be out of pocket. definitely better than still having to wait and then re mortgage your house. our houses out here are 400k+ (condo/townhouse) some houses, typically in the 700+ range though pending area. but thats all besides the point because in manitoba houses are in the 1-200k range too oh well
  10. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    how big is the oem front sway to this new one? if you want a laugh, type in 500cdn dollars and see how worthless our money is to the US dollar. i wanna have a good cry after that
  11. battleaxe

    Money pit build

    the s200 series will spool at around 3 or so to max, my s300 hits full boost by 3500-4000? i should really drive the car more 😕 this is on a non vvti. x81/a7 motor
  12. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    while learning, many ppl fuck up. however, if all you do is drive parking lot events, you shouldn't have anything to worry about...but are you "really drifting"? its not something that worries or bothers me. honestly shouldnt be an issue with large venues, evergreen has like.....nothing to hit and other than the banks its a parking lot...imo... PARC has those rumble strips and other things to hop over, which may ... will result in chassis damage and or wheel damage. Its just something to consider. Im not on either camp, but those who over engineer and over build something they have little seat time in (most "drifters") they tend to break a lot of stuff and dont catch it and keep having fucked up alignment or loose bits. I've broken just about everything on the s13 while i was learning and progressing as an aggressive driver. With the supra and the cressida i was past all those points and my only issue is all these new drivers I teach and try to educate. You do you man, what you did isn't bad or "dumb"
  13. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Gordo...you don't drift on a regular basis. I too am anti reinforce LCAs. Drift car no, Grip car yes. I just powered through my vibration...was in the 180kmhr speed for sure as I had the bottom of my stomach drop for a second in the event i lost control of my steers..which also sucks due to the bushings i have that are somehow made of grease? now im curious what the same factor is in all the builds that this would be universal to the x8
  14. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    when i did my longer LCAs i just used 2 of the long x8 inners and then centered the rack. worked for the 15-20mm or whatever i lengthened mine. With long LCAs, x7 rack and OEM knuckles i got a whole bunch of angle and is perfect for how i drive (no backies, those are for chumps) DId you find the vibration? i still have it in mine (ive done nothing) and the only other x8 driver ive met, he has it too and has done all the mods, diff and sub bushings, all arms, driveshaft etc. I have 100% stock everything in the back minus my kaaz diff set to spec, and i got mad vibrations, but they steady out the faster i go, so....yolo?
  15. battleaxe

    Sleeper MX83 build

    im with gordo. tires make a MASSIVE difference. the 100 tread wears, the 200s and then the 320 and above. I'm a big fan of the star specs from dunlop because of their sizing, quality, price and availability. theres a good market for the every day 200 tread wear tire but the 320s and above are there for us ppl who live in areas with 4 seasons and see rain. an NT01 from nitto and other 100 tread wears are more often than not made for a track only day instead of a day to day due to wear...but it will be a fantastic year or less of driving. i do understand the idea behind a HUGE brake and "small" tires..for everyday tires anyways, but a quality every day tire isnt terribly expensive or hard to get..especially in the USA