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  1. battleaxe

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Well Gordon's is a drop vent, typically the lowered edge runs the face of the motor and behind the fans so the hot air passing through the rad exits out the hood. Imo the best of the vents as it is fully functional and keeps engine bay temps down as well as double efficiency of the rad Multi vent hoods are placed shitty and have 3-4 open slots that COULD be utilized but many scensers don't know or care as their car doesn't see the road on rainy days or they live where it doesn't rain so they don't care. It's simple enough to place it further forwards and utilize it and if you have a long motor you can blank out the vents that do drop into the valleys but then you will also accumulate water in those now trays. Or u can do like I said and make a tray under there so it still gets rid of hot air and then runs the face of the motor. Or do nothing
  2. battleaxe

    Sleeper MX83 build

    i couldnt imagine someone spending 15k on a paint job either lol. most paint jobs can be done between 300 bucks and a couple grand if you do it yourself...time, quality, ingenuity are all factors...this is setting aside how much quality tools are, but painting can be done for inexpensive. and honestly anyone can shoot single stage and make it look decent...at least its one colour and getting runs is hard to do. 300 bucks would be absolute bottom of the barrel and have all supplies just sitting there...and the cheapest paint known to man. the average job can be done for sub 1k and a solid weekend...thought everything in USA seems to cost less than canada, so the number is arbitrary.
  3. battleaxe

    Sleeper MX83 build

    I wouldn't say I'm all in this camp. My Cressida wiring is the bane of my life, but it's a car now and will be fully redone. I also own a bunch of cars that I can take my time on and I do small tasks and then finish up. I'm the first to admit I'm shit at a bunch of car stuff. My comment is that there's a ton of half start no finish tasks. Paint engine bay, fuck ya dude, go for it. But it still has open filler and then he's working on motor stuff and now wiring. I'm all for doing it right..or as close to the first time, and not jump some wires just to get it going...like my cars' previous owner, but why wouldn't you want to enjoy the car, at least in some small capacity? Do a refresh wire loom, no mil spec, fit the motor, mock up pipes and shit, pull motor, clean up engine bay and paint, throw back in, reassemble, start and go. Add more mods as you go along and money allows. L Maybe it's just the exposed filler for ages and then getting dirt and grease in the filler, I mean, even prime the bare bits.
  4. battleaxe

    Sleeper MX83 build

    Why is this project so needlessly complicated? I did the quickest sanding putty work ever on the s13 and took zero time to block finish or even check everything and still looks 87% sick as before. Throw a sticky pad on a da sander and then give a quick scuff by hand then blow and wipe down and then shoot primer all over then single stage
  5. battleaxe

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Streeter doesn't do body kits or hoods. He had a lot of people flake when they heard shipping costs. He has a blanket no policy, which is on the website, for this reason, no matter how much he tells them it will be, he still got stuck with tons of abandoned items. I've been using him for a couple years and as far as I remember it's been like this for a while before this. I find him very easy to deal with and I can reach him at all hours and days. Very good communication. You can even ask him to order new as he has discounts with some places instead of buying used defis for example...as they cost the same new as they are used lol.
  6. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Our program does 1-2 a month depending and we run 11 months a year. We share with 6-7 other organisations though and all locals think we are a traveling Circus. No joke. For those outside Victoria it's a solid 1-3h hrs away, if you live on the island...if you live on the mainland there's a 2hr ferry ride and almost $200 one way if u trailer, it's another story. I live 7min from the track now and I have a mountain in the way to dampen any noise. Used to live a half hour away but my shop was an hour away and I was between spaces all the time as I can only have one car at my house at a time, back in the day. You do what you gotta do. Used to street a bunch as well, but that's it's own problem. Depends on how the program is run and driver caps and all kinds of shit. Our program has been going for just over 10yrs here in Victoria and we have tandemed since day one and no cages unless a convertible, and they just need a roll bar. Not all those years were great, but we have a track that we can do layouts on and have definitive road, never did the cone dodging parking lot thing as we never had that. Learned by the walls and curbs.
  7. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    oh man, is this what consists of drift days in your area? well, at least its something. theres soooooo much more track to create activities and learning areas. also, fuck manji's.
  8. battleaxe

    Bought a Mark II JZX81

    i couldnt find that black code for the life of me. didnt translate to anything here. check out lexus and toyota lots and check their blacks out, theyre usually very tasteful. ford/lincolin/domestics are very course blacks now a days with too much metallic. Theres a lexus galaxy? black, and its black with some fine metallic in it. To make blacks pop u usually need some pearls in there and they're very hard to see typically unless direct sunlight
  9. battleaxe

    Kyle Anson's Cresshita Build Thread

    Dunno if u addressed this, but watch for all the rain to accumulate below the vent and keep an eye on those coilpacks/plugs as they fill with water from these vents. You can make a tray inside so it flow forward to keep those plugs nice and dry
  10. battleaxe

    Humans are such easy prey

    Tell me more about how you fitted up your j spec front bar. Did you have the OEM rebar or anything? I was going to weld on some guide plates under my headlights to hold my bumper up..mines just the skin with a single mount in the center and the aluminium sheet for the ic. Tell me more about your magic
  11. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    What's up with that kill switch location? I've always been worried about those pockets in the event I crush the 1/4. It's a real nice spot but worries the heck out of me.
  12. battleaxe

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    Hey now, I did knuckles on the supra because it was a nessesity as stock angle was a sneeze. I now have stock ish s13 angle I think lol. I'm all about keep it simple stupid. FD cars are setup a certain way and outside that they're pretty useless...like an F1 car..they're specifically designed around being the best at certain things. Adding a rad to the back to me, isn't making it easier. A surge tank for fuel, man, this is something I'd like to implement in my cars but I drive to and from events and I would lose all my trunk space 😕 I think the angle mods are crutches more often than not, teaches you to be a better car setup person when you see why a car does what it does. But that's besides the point.
  13. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    With my longer lcas and tie rods the angle I have is already very similar to my s13 and it's knuckles I have for it. I doubt you would need more my dude. Maybe twin scroll setup is different? I have mine on the top port and get no creep and a solid 13psi. I would suggest checking the ports every so often if they're not welded on as they tend to back out
  14. battleaxe

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    i use the top port on my mvr , loc tit'd as they do tend to wiggle loose, and my reference is on my tb iirc. this seems very..extra...and u have 2 of them. im many confused. car looks good though. the lack of negative camber still weirds me out but thats another useless topic lol
  15. battleaxe

    Tuner4life's 1991 Cressida Drift Build

    but you literally do not need all of that angle. my x8 weighs 3200lbs and my s13 weighs 2600. if youre around a s13s 2600, congrats on knocking out 600 flippin lbs out man. iunno, you do you, but this sounds like a cookie cutter "fd build" and they do it for weight placement and cooling i guess but is completely unnecessary..however, doing all this stuff, you will learn a bunch. iunno why you would want so snappy transitions...guess ive been driving these tanks all year that ive forgotten what a "snappy" transition is.