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  1. mranlet

    The Q45, new video page 4

    It's got coilovers. Homedude has been fighting tire vs. body issues for a few weeks now.
  2. mranlet


    Yeah, I'm just going to start fresh with the brake lines and maybe not even use the OEM Toyota master. The vid Justin posted doesn't really shot anything I've done - Shortened steering knuckles for more angle, sorted out rollcage, mufflers suited to the build, cut away more of the car, etc etc I don't want "cheap" and "brake" associated with other. The cable will never leak and is good enough for thousands of other Lexuses, so I'm sticking with the cable. The extra slack is beneficial since I need some room to work when putting the seat in and out since the handbrake is seat rail-mounted.
  3. mranlet


    I want to post up progress but I can't figure out how to work the fucking board any more.
  4. mranlet


    "Hate" is a strong word. I think of it as "encouragement to buck up and do work" like what you would get from a Drill Sgt. A buddy posted that thread on my FB, and I told him to join JZXP so I'm not along in the ocean liner world. Someone posted the pic of his car from speedhunters earlier in this thread, too. Big props to that guy for bringing the car out to events and sticking with it.
  5. mranlet


    I know you're not talking shit in my thread... Only for JZXP people to know, but that's not the car I've been working on. The car in the video was my daily and it's destruction was planned. The engine is coming out of that one for the War Machine car that I've been building, so it was Defcon 1 for missile attack. If I didn't hit the wall that night I would have felt that I could have pushed rthe car harder. $1000 for an engine, complete set of spares for everything, and fun times and experience like that is money well spent. I've finished the seat bracket and E-brake setup, welded the diff and optained a harness. The running of the most terrifying and durable machine I've ever build is serveral steps closer.
  6. Shit is so slow on anything but Apple. This is the push I need to finally just get an Iphone or Ipad. Thanks, dick.
  7. mranlet


    Whoa, forum is different now. Want to see how to make yourself a sweet shifter/ebrake handle/bayonet? Here we go: step 1: step 2: step 3: Now go punch people! In other news: engine out in order to clean this engine bay and eliminate this omgtwfclustercusk There's also this: oh look, there's two of them dual double 4" all stainless. I call these the "MegaMan" exhaust, there are a few out there now and they sound superb.
  8. mranlet


    Luckily, they're going to be set up as over-swing top hung pedals that will be bolted to the floor. It probably doesn't make any sense, but I'll post a picture when it's together...
  9. mranlet


    That's sweet of you honey. Some day we'll have to get together again... and dominate!
  10. mranlet


    Thanks! I have had that idea floating around in my head for a while, but hadn't gotten a chance to implement it. I also pulled the engine out today so I can clean and seam-weld the engine bay in comfort.
  11. mranlet


    Decided to re pad a Bride to fit me properly. Any questions? I also decided I needed some bottom mount pedals. There are some cheap possibilities out there, but I'm fucking broke. All I could find is a box of rods from a smoked 1UZ. A little cutting and welding and I got this: Like magic!
  12. mranlet


    Thanks. I was probably taking a shit when you came by though.
  13. The Truboost performs fine but it's cryptic to use and you'll probably never remember the stupid tree of command for making it do something. "Set it and forget it" as far as I'm concerned. The HKS has a really nice interface and is solid as fuck, but the way it needs to be run (Not as a bleed-off system) requires a lot of line and the big ass manifold that goes with it. I recommend this: Hallman Evolution Nucca! Run a gauge and you have cockpit adjustable MBC reliability and no wires to set your car on fire - wooooo!! Just pull some timing where it wants to spike.
  14. mranlet


    Hey, that's cool, but check this out: Here's an example of how overdone the factory wiring is in this car. Say I wanted to strip out one of the front doors. It's got to be a couple of plugs and maybe a pound or so of wiring, isn't it?: ...yeah right. about 20 minutes later messing around with harnesses and sub-harnesses, clips, modules, insulation and retainers, it finally looks like this: Here's what I took out of one door. about 10 lbs. of bullshit that is no longer needed. This isn't including the wiring for the power window, which still works on the jump pack and will with the EZ harness: More of the cage so far, as requested. Door bars aren't going in until I have the seat in place to ensure abslute comfort around the left arm and knee. I'm adding a few more bars as well just for the sake of structural rigidity. Also notice that I drop the cage through the floor via holes that get covered up by the baseplates later on. This way there's plenty of room to TIG weld and get my head where I can see. Makes for much better welds and much tighter fitment than just building plinths (boxes) on their own. Even though you'll never see these welds, I still want to make sure they're perfect: This isn't the final equipment, but you see what I'm hinting at:
  15. mranlet


    Yes, I have a green legacy. It's so awesome it makes internet servers crash when I post pics though.