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  1. N.O. Drifter

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Very cool. Does this mean I have to grow up when the site goes away?
  2. N.O. Drifter

    Mx73 and mx83 stuff

    I do but I'm saving them for when I get coilovers.
  3. N.O. Drifter

    Mx73 and mx83 stuff

    Mx73 headlights, marker lights, and trim. Mx73 tailights. Mx83 taillights. Here are the links to the FB posts with pics. Sorry for those like Gordo that don't have FB. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497356483963968/ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497350817297868/ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497355587297391/ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497352540631029/ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497353937297556/
  4. N.O. Drifter

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    Very nice
  5. N.O. Drifter

    x3 oyaji wagon

    I grabbed the oil pan for my 7m. Pulled the front subframe to get it out. Engine fell on front swaybar.
  6. N.O. Drifter

    x3 oyaji wagon

    I brought two friends to help pull everything I wanted. One said no one's going to come get stuff from a Cressida and I told him that there is a Cressida guy not too far a way. Ha. Also I grabbed the lower radiator shroud piece for a guy in FL. I only grabbed the spindle and hub to have as a spare for the one day I actually have money to buy coilovers.
  7. N.O. Drifter

    Project IBIS.... AKA the bin chicken JZX81

    Was curious on how much of the door was done and how. Sometimes the outer skin is frp but not the whole door. Very cool.
  8. N.O. Drifter

    Project IBIS.... AKA the bin chicken JZX81

    More pictures of the door please.
  9. N.O. Drifter

    x3 oyaji wagon

    If you talking about this one in Lafayette, the clamshell is busted. I got there in March and took the spindles, knuckles, oil pan, diff, and a few other things that I sold to some people in the FB cressida groups.
  10. N.O. Drifter

    IS300 Carrier assembly in x8?

    I think there are a few places near me with the equipment needed. Sent you a pm. Thanks again.
  11. N.O. Drifter

    IS300 Carrier assembly in x8?

    The only way I have is with a cutting wheel on a grinder. If the patterns aren't big I should be able to do it.
  12. N.O. Drifter

    IS300 Carrier assembly in x8?

    Thank you Gordo, I was hoping you would respond. I knew about the rear mount issues from yours and others threads. I thought I had read of issues in the front. My fault. Thank you again for clarifying.
  13. N.O. Drifter

    IS300 Carrier assembly in x8?

    For me, finding a ma70 rear differential assembly to put into my x8 is not going well. My question is can the is300 carrier assembly, not the differential itself, fit into an x8 subframe with the same mods a ma70 one would? The plan is to drift the car and from what I have read, the stock x8 single forward mount is not the best for that kind of driving. It tends to break. If anyone has other recommendations besides the ma70 or even the is300, I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you.
  14. N.O. Drifter

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    I ran on 5 cylinders, at a drift event, in my pos 5m/7m x7. It was like drifting a 4ac corolla. Oh wait I did that too. Fuck!