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  1. N.O. Drifter

    IS300 Carrier assembly in x8?

    I think there are a few places near me with the equipment needed. Sent you a pm. Thanks again.
  2. N.O. Drifter

    IS300 Carrier assembly in x8?

    The only way I have is with a cutting wheel on a grinder. If the patterns aren't big I should be able to do it.
  3. N.O. Drifter

    IS300 Carrier assembly in x8?

    Thank you Gordo, I was hoping you would respond. I knew about the rear mount issues from yours and others threads. I thought I had read of issues in the front. My fault. Thank you again for clarifying.
  4. N.O. Drifter

    IS300 Carrier assembly in x8?

    For me, finding a ma70 rear differential assembly to put into my x8 is not going well. My question is can the is300 carrier assembly, not the differential itself, fit into an x8 subframe with the same mods a ma70 one would? The plan is to drift the car and from what I have read, the stock x8 single forward mount is not the best for that kind of driving. It tends to break. If anyone has other recommendations besides the ma70 or even the is300, I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you.
  5. N.O. Drifter

    Wizard People, Dear Reader

    I ran on 5 cylinders, at a drift event, in my pos 5m/7m x7. It was like drifting a 4ac corolla. Oh wait I did that too. Fuck!
  6. N.O. Drifter

    i just wanna look good for you

    Would love a video of the suspension build. Cool shit.
  7. N.O. Drifter

    WTB center driveshaft bearing

    Just replaced mine on my x8. Bought it from rockauto.com
  8. N.O. Drifter

    1JZ-FSE Questions

    Sorry for not stating it but I'm not looking for power, I'm looking for fuel economy.
  9. N.O. Drifter

    1JZ-FSE Questions

    I don’t know much about this engine or if it's possible to swap it into a cressida. I know it's a direct injection system and it looks like they all came matted with an automatic. From what I've gathered on other direct injection systems like Ecoboost from Ford and Ecotec from GM, there isn't an easy way to swap the engine over to other vehicles. I believe it has to do with transmission sensors and throttle pedal sensors since they don't use a throttle cable. I'm not sure about the 1jzfse, but from pictures of them, it seems they don't have a throttle cable either. Google results have shown discussion on the jzx100.com site but it seems to be down. Does anyone know of any other information about them? Could they be swapped with their stock ecu into a cressida with a w58 or r154 transmission? What else would be required to swap it other than engine, harness and ecu?
  10. N.O. Drifter

    10 fucking years

    I am not very active as you can see by the posting date. Joined in December of 2005 after I used my FEMA money to buy an mx73.
  11. N.O. Drifter

    Mx83 front strut/coil removal HELP! Suspension

    Where was the common sense from OP? Just follow the strut to where it stops and has bolts and unbolt.
  12. N.O. Drifter

    Do you guys think this IS300 is worth it?

    I got my sister an 02 for 7500 with 85k miles. Check timing belt. Make sure you get a master key. If it isn't an 02 or higher, fuck it. Make sure it has a spare since those shitty wheels or on it. Check for oil leaks.
  13. N.O. Drifter

    FS 86 MX73 track project/chassis

    Update. Front and rear suspension is gone. Molding gone. Couple of other things gone. I am junking it next week so if there is anything someone wants PM me.
  14. N.O. Drifter

    wtb black body mouldings for 86 cressida