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  1. N.O. Drifter

    My various Mark IIs

    Do what you love they say.
  2. N.O. Drifter

    My various Mark IIs

    Sort of a business. The JZX100 coming in I will have for a few weeks before I put it on the market. A friend and I have been making YouTube videos on various cars such as these. I want to import a jzx100 tourer V by the end kf the year.
  3. Just made a post about how I picked up a jzx81 roller. It's missing a few crucial things for it to be a car that can be comfortably driven on the road such as a 4 door trims and weatherstripping. Just want to see if anyone has any available before I go searching YJP. I need the seals for the door, the ones the glass presses up against when the door is shut and the one behind that on the cabin frame.
  4. Haven't really contributed in a long time but figured I'd basically throw my dick on the table to show you what I've been up to. Had my Mx83 since 2008, before that was my Mx73, god rest her soul. Drove the x83 stock with w58 from the x7 till it broke. Slightly revived it to just get rod knock drifting it in my friends yard. Recently I've started importing cars. Bought a nice GX100 Mark II, it was cheap and got great mpg. Sold it and now have a Honda Stepwgn (oh no stepbro I'm stuck) on the way. In the meantime a 94 Mark II van I ordered for a friend came in. A YX78V. It's pretty cool. It's also 5spd. In two weeks a JZX100 Mark II will come it. It will be my first ever jzx car with an actual JZ in it. I say that because I just picked up this 90 Mark II JZX81 roller for less money than MX83s are going for. Trying to decide what to do with it. Was about to build my x83 into a drift car, now I'm thinking of doing that with this. Or just keep the x81 as a parts car and order one from japan. Thoughts?
  5. N.O. Drifter

    Who here lives in Okkie?

    " The poor man's JZX100 front end conversion" Just go buy a jzx100 for less. Poor Car
  6. N.O. Drifter

    JZX81 Engine to Body Harness & Gauge Cluster Connector Pinout

    Is the B3 the only connector that is different between a mx83 and jzx81?
  7. N.O. Drifter

    Mediocre at Cresst - now with nsfw autophilia

    Very cool. Does this mean I have to grow up when the site goes away?
  8. N.O. Drifter

    Mx73 and mx83 stuff

    I do but I'm saving them for when I get coilovers.
  9. N.O. Drifter

    Mx73 and mx83 stuff

    Mx73 headlights, marker lights, and trim. Mx73 tailights. Mx83 taillights. Here are the links to the FB posts with pics. Sorry for those like Gordo that don't have FB. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497356483963968/ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497350817297868/ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497355587297391/ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497352540631029/ https://m.facebook.com/groups/1209773276055625/permalink/1497353937297556/
  10. N.O. Drifter

    [HIZOKU] PIG EYE Streeter

    Very nice
  11. N.O. Drifter

    x3 oyaji wagon

    I grabbed the oil pan for my 7m. Pulled the front subframe to get it out. Engine fell on front swaybar.
  12. N.O. Drifter

    x3 oyaji wagon

    I brought two friends to help pull everything I wanted. One said no one's going to come get stuff from a Cressida and I told him that there is a Cressida guy not too far a way. Ha. Also I grabbed the lower radiator shroud piece for a guy in FL. I only grabbed the spindle and hub to have as a spare for the one day I actually have money to buy coilovers.
  13. N.O. Drifter

    Project IBIS.... AKA the bin chicken JZX81

    Was curious on how much of the door was done and how. Sometimes the outer skin is frp but not the whole door. Very cool.
  14. N.O. Drifter

    Project IBIS.... AKA the bin chicken JZX81

    More pictures of the door please.
  15. N.O. Drifter

    x3 oyaji wagon

    If you talking about this one in Lafayette, the clamshell is busted. I got there in March and took the spindles, knuckles, oil pan, diff, and a few other things that I sold to some people in the FB cressida groups.