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  1. N.O. Drifter

    10 fucking years

    I am not very active as you can see by the posting date. Joined in December of 2005 after I used my FEMA money to buy an mx73.
  2. N.O. Drifter

    Mx83 front strut/coil removal HELP! Suspension

    Where was the common sense from OP? Just follow the strut to where it stops and has bolts and unbolt.
  3. N.O. Drifter

    Do you guys think this IS300 is worth it?

    I got my sister an 02 for 7500 with 85k miles. Check timing belt. Make sure you get a master key. If it isn't an 02 or higher, fuck it. Make sure it has a spare since those shitty wheels or on it. Check for oil leaks.
  4. N.O. Drifter

    FS 86 MX73 track project/chassis

    Update. Front and rear suspension is gone. Molding gone. Couple of other things gone. I am junking it next week so if there is anything someone wants PM me.
  5. N.O. Drifter

    wtb black body mouldings for 86 cressida

  6. N.O. Drifter

    wtb black body mouldings for 86 cressida

    I have the ones on this car. http://jzxproject.com/bbs/index.php?showtopic=8626
  7. N.O. Drifter

    Electric Power Steering

    That yes, but I also meant by taking off the pieces (seals) on the inside and plugging the hose holes. I think I am using the right terminology,
  8. N.O. Drifter

    FS X7 LSD, rear LCA 5bolt, other stuff

    Yes, the limited slip Differential (Diff) is sold.
  9. N.O. Drifter

    Electric Power Steering

    Just a question, could you convert the rack to manual?
  10. N.O. Drifter

    What is this hose?

    I will give you a hint on the hose, it has to do with condensation. http://www.nc-climate.ncsu.edu/secc_edu/images/WhatMakesClouds3.jpg
  11. N.O. Drifter

    FS x7 headlights and tails

    Sorry for not posting up sooner to those who PM'd me, internet has been out.
  12. N.O. Drifter

    FS x7 headlights and tails

    The one that runs the length of the trunk.
  13. N.O. Drifter

    FS x7 headlights and tails

    I have these... passenger side is fine but driver side had crack. Will send pass tail and license lights with drivers tail light. Shipping is $23 or less depending on your location. PM me offer and location.
  14. N.O. Drifter

    T3 weld in coilover install question

    I ran almost the same thing on my x7 except mustang rear shock. That setup plus lsd got my car sideways easily even when I was running on 4 cylinders.
  15. N.O. Drifter

    FS X7 LSD, rear LCA 5bolt, other stuff

    Tension rods, diff, solid subframe bushings are sold (Rue might make some) I still have 5lug rear LCAs