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  1. So I've hit the 10 year mark on jzxp. Holy fuck boys! Who else is getting there? Who's gone? Who cares?
  2. ^ hahahahaha fuuuuuuck.
  3. aphxero

    Shit cold starts

    Look for incorrect sensor data. namely fuel modifiers like coolant and o2. You have OBD2 right? What does the realtime data say?
  4. aphxero

    2J harness / ECU for x63 swap

    You want jzs160 stuff. Non immobo.
  5. aphxero

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    I went drifting for once: I kinda miss you guys.
  6. aphxero

    Something Clever (VVti 1jz into mx83)

    Is that sarcasm?
  7. aphxero

    Another x7

  8. aphxero

    might sell the corona

    Hey fellas. So I'm putting out feelers for selling the corona. After some careful thought I'm accepting that I just don't like 70s cars. If there's any real interest it might not have to go on craigs. $??? obo is a fair price IMO. Thanks,
  9. aphxero

    might sell the corona

    tdurr: thats a different chassis
  10. aphxero

    might sell the corona

    part out is looking pretty nice atm. I'd probably start with the engine and trans. st215 engine new timing and water pump panicwire harness custom manifolds custom cooling system link g4+ storm ecu os giken super single blacktop beams 6sp trans BW EFR 6258 turbo All parts with less than 1000 miles on them. $6000 Or I can put everything Ive got into and 86 shell and get 2x the money I would for the corona. If it gets perted I'll crush the shell for sure. We'll see what happens.
  11. aphxero

    might sell the corona

    Hey guys this thing is still for sale. I'm open to all sane offers. HMU if interested.
  12. aphxero

    MX83 tach work with 1UZFE?

    ^future gordo
  13. aphxero

    A testament to self loathing.

    +1. in for gordo rage
  14. aphxero

    My pathological predisposition for wasting money

    Gordo: Pretty sure I did the harness in this car? Gauges should be fine except for speedo. Gotta be something on your end.
  15. aphxero

    Alternator Woes

    whoremouth, I'm sorry you slipped through the cracks. Shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do.
  16. aphxero

    My pathological predisposition for wasting money

    for torque app you need the paid version and a custom string. Try these: ATIB 96 \n ATIIA 13 \n ATSH8113F1 \n ATSP A4 \n ATSW00 ATIB 96 \n ATIIA 13 \n ATSH8213F0 \n ATSP4 \n 0100
  17. aphxero

    Alternator Woes

    Seriously? I can beat 7 months by a lot.
  18. aphxero

    Alternator Woes

    Btw, Panicwire now has cressida jz alternator plug and play kits. HMU if you want one
  19. aphxero

    1JZGTE VVTI Standalone Options!

    You say that now but,
  20. aphxero

    1JZGTE VVTI Standalone Options!

    I was gonna post but never mind.
  21. fuck! Shoot me a pm we need to talk.