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  1. 1bad89

    1990 1jz X8 and 1991 non moonroof shell

    Any intrest in selling the shell seperate?
  2. 1bad89

    Mark Ass Trick. Trick Ass MarkII.

    Click Me!
  3. 1bad89

    1992 Jzx81 Mark II

    Damn, Do want. is that 7k cad or usd?
  4. found this while browsing youtube. thought there might be a couple people who would like to see this.
  5. 1bad89

    7mgte swap

    i considered using the 7mge oil pump, but i heard from a couple people that did it that way, that their motors only lasted a few weeks before they grenaded.
  6. 1bad89

    7mgte swap

    Do it...the only "hard" parts are wiring and cutting and welding the supra oil pick up to work in front sump oil pan.
  7. thats cool. i do better with pics. hammered shit or not i want to see it, and i dont really care to know your sexual orientation.
  8. what does this cluster look like? where can i get one?!
  9. 1bad89

    MG Anti JZ

  10. 1bad89

    MG Anti JZ

    built 2jzgte single turbo...stupid amount of power. already got the r154 to hold the power. i'm betting that the 7mgte will last long enough for me to gather. it had new pistons, new bearings, hks headgasket,crank re ground 10 under, arp head studs properly over TQed 80ft lbs. new hoses and vacumm lines through out. i'm not gunna push the 7m that hard, but it can take some power its not the weakest engine in the world. shit i'm surprised everyone doesn't love them, seeing as how that its what makes picking up a cressida so damn cheap is them always having a blown headgasket.
  11. 1bad89

    MG Anti JZ

    This is Cedar. hows it goin tom.
  12. 1bad89

    MG Anti JZ

    yeah, still being built. i need to grab the x81 mounts of the engine since he isn't using them for his application.
  13. 1bad89

    MG Anti JZ

    yeah...this cressida was built before you even jumped on the cressida bandwagon. gotta have a 1jz or your not jdm tyte.
  14. 1bad89

    MG Anti JZ

    The 1jz was taken out because it blew up. i bought it for $975 shipped and sold it for $1275 to a friend who wanted it for his 32 ford coupe, he didn't care that it needed a rebuild. another reason i made the decision to take the 1jz out and go with the 7mgte with 5-speed because the guy who was buying it wanted a turbo 5-speed and didn't care if it was a 7mgte. i bought an entire 88 supra turbo for $600, pulled the drivetrain. rebuilt the engine for like $700 threw it in a $200 cressida, to sell for $5k, purchaser then drove it for 2 years made one payment of $1,000 and decided he couldn't afford it so he gave it back. i wasn't the one taking payments for it. my dad bought it off me and was selling it to his close friend. which didn't work out. the owner put the espilar springs on it. never had money to put a better exhaust on it. never had money to do anything to it. besides put new tires on it.