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  1. So, is this car still at Garage Zero?
  2. Brian, people use sea foam cuz of the twisted smoke. No but seriously, if used properly on a stinking hot motor, let soak in for 5-10, and in a small enough amount to not hydrolock a motor...(it is also important especially on a 6 or 8 cyl to introduce the cleansing agent in through multiple orifices. Efi manifolds were not designed to flow liquids, they go the lazy way, straight) It can restore the factory designed turbulence of the head flow by cleaning gunk of the backs of the valves and clean the seats, combustion chamber, and free up sticky carbon built-up rings. On a motor with seriously high miles, a clogged up pcv, and somewhat clogged injectors, you can feel the clean. I have had injectors smooth out from running on 3 or 5 cylinders and run perfect. How do you think injector cleaning is done when they flow test afterwards? Next time you change your fuel filter(warm engine is best) button up the bottom, fill with mmo, seafoam, fuel inj cleaner, whatnot and go wot on crackup so it doesn't just get returned to the tank. You will see the grey ass smoke. But marvel mystery oil is a better bang for your buck and I do believe dex3 atf would likely work just as well. A nice water mist can steam clean the shit out of cylinders too, who's seen it?
  3. bigpanda16

    AE86 From Hell

    Sounds tits Get this thing corner weighted or some shit.
  4. bigpanda16

    Jzx81 front ends

    you wanna do some weedwacking, fly on down and get busy. i tried to convey the fact that i don't give a shit if they sell nor do i benefit whatsoever from any transactions that may occur. i am merely attempting to help out and let folks know about their existence. you want more info, like i said call the listed number
  5. bigpanda16

    Jzx81 front ends

    crown in front, markII rear?
  6. bigpanda16

    Jzx81 front ends

    These are for two front cuts. Included are radiator fuse boxes, corner lamps, fender front, etc Matching hoods can be included, although one is in better shape than the other. But shipping would be fuckier than the clip alone The markII has bent under headlight trim as seen in pics. Overall great shape. Call 770-319-9605 for more info. I am not actually selling these items, but thought jzxp should geta crack at em.
  7. bigpanda16

    AE86 From Hell

    Heyull ya. 1uz's are kick ass alternatives. They only weigh like 35lbs more than a 22re if both have accesories. While thats a bit more than 3s/f20/4a still it's a far cry from an iron straight six. Ultimately a sleeved aluminum block with tundra/2u sized pistons would net a lightweight 4.6ish liter monster. Nice build, lotsa lock, should be a blast What you doin about a rear end that won't blow up yet won't add too much sinful unsprung weight?
  8. bigpanda16

    brendans 400rwhp skid bus

    I've found near zero to be the hot ticket. Basically with a thin blade cut nothing to 3/16ths or so, or 1/8th to quarter inch to take the hook out of the knuckle. Thin cut-off wheels blades can be dangerous; sawzall will require a decent bench vise and stacks of blades/patience. Big time band saws are the best/easiest but you'll surely piss off the owner as they'll need a new almost 100 dollar blade afterwards. Also beveling the edges about 5mm or so on both sides will help with the penetration and safety of the weld if you haven't a pro tigger to shut them up
  9. bigpanda16

    Body - Lets talk weight savings

    wow, what other weight mods have you done since? thats farkin light. also i heard you wadded it up, it was so easy to ride walls when i sold it to ya
  10. bigpanda16

    Suspension - lez get me a pimp front suspension

    he is right if you run x8 front or even lengthened x7 flcas... you want aftermarket/modded knuckles. the ackerman of the inside, now outside during drift, is what causes the wheel/tire to rub shit. having heaps of angle combined with ackerman and being over-centered is so fucked up.
  11. bigpanda16

    Drift event photos. Everyone waste money!

    ls400 action http://www.youtube.com/user/Roadkills240sx#p/a/u/0/ZGYyY6rtO5o
  12. bigpanda16

    Nat #X

    Hmm, well I'm no expert. I mean I've done a bit a reading on SF and club Nat and supramania. Map ecu can convert input to speed density to where you don't need blow through, 1uz, or a Maf at all. The most optimal setup if only piggyback managed would be Aristo ecu(same for jza70 1j ecu shit setups) due to the superiority of the timing and fuel maps. To do this on a 2jzge, u need a tt oil pump for crank sensor and some Camry/vvti coil/packs with the distributor serving as cam pickup, or possibly crank as well. You can only do 350-400 whp (which is what i'm after initially(i've not even changed a seal, water pump, or timing belt)) if you are into more driving and less fixing. tt pistons are a nice cheap upgrade for \ a lil less CR(metallurgy i have read, is the same); thats my plan if i do get greedy and go for 4xx+whp. I will possibly be changing w5x's out quite a bit with the way i love shifting like a wild bandit, we have a lot of them at the shop, no worries. so. to get roughly 9.1ish:1 cr, use either tt head gasket and ge pistons, or tt pistons and ge thin-ass hg. if you do both tt pistons and thicker tt hg, you will end up with a shite cr well less than 8.5:1 I'm a firm believer in higher compression with a good tune over some BS 8.5:1 cr dyno queen setup. And remember kids, always pull off your twins before installing motor in car. What a bitch, just yanked some out of 1jzz30. I know its been said before; time consuming and fuckey
  13. bigpanda16

    Nat #X

    h1e, its comparable to an hx40 i guess only the dyno will tell. still gotta tie things up, install injectors, finalize ffim setup, run some lines and wire.
  14. bigpanda16

    Nat #X

    So, since the na-jzx7's been gone, beat up on an LS400, toasted it at a 3/8ths track shy of knuckles, some bushings and coilovers. then stuck together a heim-jointed together celica coupe in two months with the motor backed by a t5, beat the shit out of it, ran it to 240/50+ temps a lot, floated valves, slung pistons and rods after a dozens events on a 298,xxx mile motor. currently getting a rebuilt engine. it has an x7 rack and extended x8 lacs recently, i did this: finally got off my ass with all the hoarding of na-t parts and other bits. holset h1e, so im thinking boost wont come in till 42xxish, but at least it will be 10:1cr gettin there. map ecu 1 for tuning with 525cc precision injectors. still much to do, i am well aware it needs lower up front, more roll, and the motor could go back an inch or two. but a pre-tacoma yota truck/mini one-piece driveshaft works if you move your diff back a touch when you solid mount it and have your sway bar sandwiched between the blancer and the front aluminum tang of the oil pan and you have w5x. perhaps this lil thing will get gutted and thrashed soon