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  1. jaime.g

    my 1jz cress for sale :-(

    BUMP! Price drop to $2800!
  2. jaime.g

    my 1jz cress for sale :-(

    no trades sorry. s13 coupe, grey 91 (paint losing clear coat on top, car has been repainted before I owned it), redtop motor was rebuilt over a year ago but didn't need to be as it was simply a kinked oil return line on the turbo which was causing a bit of smoke from the exhaust. derrick rogers rebuilt the motor, stated the bearings were the cleanest and newest looking bearings he has ever seen on an sr rebuild. used mobile 1 for the 6 years that i have owned it, switched to dino after the rebuild. mods: s15 t28 bb turbo, with 550cc denso injectors, power fc with boost control kit @15psi z32 maf, makes 269hp and 286 wtq, tune by mark at sgp out of houston. oe manifolds, 3" stainless piping, enjuku stainless downpipe, stainless test pipe, stainless exhaust. walbro pump spec stage 3 pp with act unsprung 6 puck disc, just replaced clutch disc not even 300 miles ago. clutch fan with oe shroud, never ever over heats, even at mineral wells 1000+ degree heat. 17x9 +24 chrome american racing wheels, the ones pictured on the rear of the cress. tein tie tods, battleversion tc rods, i have toe rods but havent put them on, stock camber arms ksport coils cold a/c, heater works, cd player s14 seats ran a 13.4 @109.. should easily do 12's if not using all seasons grey carpet, no rear interior, has oe spoiler
  3. jaime.g

    my 1jz cress for sale :-(

    Price DROP!!! from $3400, now asking $2800!!!!! If you have absolutely any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Clean title Modifications: 1JZ-GTE x81 Chaser motor Chaser Automatic Trans (Stopped going into 4th gear just recently when warmed up, however works when cold; should be an easy fix, but I have no time to wrench on cars anymore) Perfect for one who is planning to go 5 spd anyway but would like the peace of mind to see how the engine drives. If you are interested in swapping to a 5 speed transmission, the car is already wired for this, so all you have to do is swap parts. 3.25" open downpipe (ready for custom exhaust to be fabbed up) More than adequate aluminum Front Mount Intercooler Braille Battery to clear intercooler piping. Running on jzx90 Computer (newer model) HKS Fuel Cut Defender All provisions for A/C are done. Everything is hooked up except the single wire that needs to be connected to the compressor (easy to setup, all you would then need to do is fill it up with freon). Description: Rear wheels are NOT included in the sale. The factory wheels will be mounted when sold. Motor runs very strong and healthy. Runs like a mad-man, even though the car weights 3400lbs without driver. Ran a best of 13.9@100mph completely stock (no weight reduction, full interior) - The C5 Vette with exhaust was pissed ;-) The motor with the open down pipe most likely makes at least 260hp to the rear wheels. Motor has never had a boost controller installed. Running stock boost 10PSI. Chassis has approximately 180xxx miles. Suspension is stock and butter smooth. Great for daily driving. Sunroof still works, a/c controls still function (pop out and recess back in) All this car would need is a welded differential, lower suspension and it would drift very well. All exterior lights are in good working order. Provisions for cruise control are still there, just not hooked up. PICS! (I will try to get better pics, but here are some from when I was doing the swap)
  4. jaime.g

    1jz sputter when below normal operating temp

    update: the cts replacement fixed the issue about 98%, for some reason it seldom does the sputter thing. Just wanted to update you all.
  5. jaime.g

    1jz sputter when below normal operating temp

    cts fixed the issue! runs smooth now with no hesitation when cold $15 new from oreillys definitely replace yours if you havent thanks guys for the input
  6. jaime.g

    1jz sputter when below normal operating temp

    i just bought a new coolant temperature sensor. hopefully this may fix the issue
  7. jaime.g

    Getting the Tach to work

    if i only knew it was this easy to get the tach working. I already had made my own adapter using the below method. Oh well, it seems to work great and at least i didnt have to take the cluster out. Thanks for the info! Ripped from toymods
  8. jaime.g

    1jz sputter when below normal operating temp

    Yes, you're right. I did replace my x81 ecu with x90 using the same type of harness adapter. Doing this actually made the car run 10x better. I went through the whole replacing capacitors deal and it did not resolve my previous issues. Now that you mention the ISCV, I just remembered before I got my 1j running, i tried using carb cleaner to clean out the iscv valve. When i did this, the orange rubber thing warped and Does not appear to seal anymore. I may try hunting a replacement down to see if that helps. Does anyone have a spare one that I can get off of them? By thermo sensor for ECU, are you referring to the water/coolant temp sensor?
  9. jaime.g

    1jz sputter when below normal operating temp

    my 1j has no problems cold starting at all, it's just a hesitation or sputter in that rpm range when cold. aren't 6 heat range stock? and 7 for more boost?
  10. hey guys, I'm wondering if any of you all maybe able to help me out with an issue that i've been experiencing ever since I got my car running. I've dealt with it so far , however it's starting to get annoying and i just want the damn thing fixed. I'm having a sputtering issue with my 1jz cressida (jzx81 auto set) that i'm not too sure what could be causing it. The sputter only happens when the car is cold between 2800-3200rpms. It completely goes away when it is warmed up though. I'm thinking CTS, however I have searched the crap out of 1jz cts and I can't find anywhere that mentions what replacement to use and where is the easiest place to get one or part number. I'm not too sure that is even the cause of the issue. I have replaced all spark plugs with bkr6e's at .8 gap. Shieled all coilpacks with heatshrink. Replaced dud jzx81 ecu with jzx90 ecu. mods: stock intake with cone filter, open downpipe 3.25". stock boost. not throwing any codes Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Jaime
  11. jaime.g

    Really need 1j help

    im having issues like you're describing with my x81 engine set and computer. the thing with mine is that sometimes the car runs perfect, then all of a sudden like a switch the car runs like crap and act like you're describing and the check engine light comes on instantly. only thing is that when the car is in this mode, the ecu will not go into diagnostic mode and throw codes like it should. when the car runs normally it will throw codes properly or flash constantly (stating no codes). i've gotten really good at replacing capacitors though, thinking this was the issue, however it does not appear to be related to bad caps. I think i've tracked my issue down to my ecu as i do not believe it is sensor or wiring related. i am in the process o f making a jumper harness so i can plug in a x90 ecu and rid myself of crappy x81 computer woahs. just my 2 cents
  12. jaime.g

    ecu connectors

    just thought i'd let you all know that a 94 es300 has jzx90 ecu connectors as well. i pulled some this weekend as im making a jzx81 to jzx90 jumper harness for my x8 as im having bad luck with crappy 81 ecu even after replacing capacitors.
  13. jaime.g

    WTB: 1J Swap Stuffs

    hey zokustyle, That jza70 ecu, would it happen to be automatic and do you still happen to have it for sale?
  14. jaime.g

    JZX n00b wiring.

    i couldnt help but notice your oil pressure light is on.