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Body/Frame Reinforcing

30 August 2013 - 08:55 AM

Hi Guys,

I've been on here for a while just gathering all the information I can without asking dumb questions that have already been answered or not using the search function. I have finally come to the point where I need some guidance. I know that a few people have done work to make their sub-frames hold up to the additional power that is being thrown at it, but I am trying to go the best route at making sure my car doesn't fall apart once everything is up and running. 


I've seen this thread and I am wondering how the hell his rear end or car hasn't come apart when I know most others are screwed once they start making some real torque. 









I've looked him up on youtube and the car is in the 8 second range now. Does anyone know the suspension setup that can handle that in a cressida?




I've seen a post with a reinforced sub-frame as well as Gordo's engineering and I want to know how much beating you think these design can handle?



Sub-frame in Japan that was reinforced
















Gordo's design looks to me to be far more superior to the Japan design. 


As for the rear end, Is an upgraded MK3 diff good enough or is there a way to fabricate a MK4 diff into the X83 sub-frame? A local shop here says that it can be done, but I want to know is it worth it.


And Lastly, has anyone heard or tried foam filling??? I came across it during research.




Any input from the JZX community will be appreciated.



FS: 2JZ / Aristo Stock Twin Turbo Set

19 April 2013 - 03:07 AM

As the says. I pulled of my factory twin turbo setup to go single and looking for a new home for it. Has all what you see in the pic. Make me an decent offer and its yours plus shipping.