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Lofty's Mark II Wannabe Shitbox NSFW

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Posted 21 October 2017 - 02:25 PM

we arent socialist tho.. we are both capitalist countries, 2 very different examples, but similar none the less.

federal government exists to be the voice of the people and how they interact with other nations as well as the whole countries amount of natural resources and making sure in state or province has what it needs. its up to provincial and state governments to look after schools, hospitals, roads etc. but as we know, many of those in those positions look out for themselves and not the people...ironically enough, if they looked after the people, theyd have a high paying job for life and people would actually love them if they had adaquet funding for schools, roads werent falling apart, people didnt have to wait years for medical emergencies, if you lost your job there would be money there so you can pay your bills...the basics of life...



fuck...already had this conversation yesterday with a friend and was already in a negative space...oh crud

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