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r154 trans issues

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#21 Demesio



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Posted 03 October 2018 - 04:51 AM

AR5 are close to the R154, but cant take anything over 400whp.


If any of you still have stock r154s, I'd recommend Redline heavy shockproof...

#22 timtiminy


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Posted 03 October 2018 - 09:30 AM

Gordo, aren't you running like a 5.29 in the rear?

I would assume you're running a t56 for the tall first gear?

Its only a 5mph difference topped out in 1st between the AR5 and R154.

I liked the closer ratios on the AR5, meh.

Could run the factory 3.9 gear ratio and still have a faster 60ft time than a 4.3 R154. 

I have a 4.3 supra diff though and a low power na 2jz, I think that'll be more fun.

I'll keep the 3.9 if I turbo it down the line. 

#23 Gordo


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Posted 03 October 2018 - 10:57 AM

I was running 4.56 on the street, and the 5.3s at the Texas mile, but I turn way more RPM than you will ever do.

And that was with an auto, which typically use deeper gears.

(a little history: the HKS drag MkIII ran 5.3 gears behind a powerglide, but turning 10k).


Now I have an HPI 6-speed, with a 2.9 first, and a .86 6th.

With 3.9 gears, top end will be about 175, about the same as what I had.

And with a twin plate Tilton/Quartermaster/Borg-Beck 7-1/4" clutch, on a 7lb flywheel, with the 2.9, it will beyond most men, and all women to actually get the car rolling without doing a 8k clutch dump.


Had bought a T56, and then sold it off after I realized I fucked up buying anything with that lousy of a ratio spread.

But that was back in the day I was going to do a blower, and make grunt, not speed.


I really don't understand the AR/T56/CD009 crap, with those ratios.

A better choice would be one of the newer T600 5-speeds, as they can be had with a good ratio spread that would work with you guy's low boost, early spool thinking.

But wait....

They cost 2k...

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