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GX81 fog light switch kits now for sale

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 01:58 PM

I am now taking orders for my drop-in fog light switch kit.  If you are unfamiliar with it, you can check my thread in the tech section for more information and for installation instructions.











This kit uses 100 percent OEM parts.  The switch is only available off of a Toyota Starlet.  Terminals and contacts are the exact same as the ones used by Toyota. The surround that holds the fog light switch is an OEM Toyota part that is modified to fit.  Zipties are a low-profile, high quality brand.  They are much better than ones from Home Depot, Radioshack, etc.


Milspec wire is used, which is the same wiring that Mark from PanicWire uses in his harnesses.


The price for a kit is $160.  I also have switch kits that do not have the orange "ON" indicator light.  Those switch kits are $150, since they do not have the amber bulb.  This price may seem steep, so I will break down the cost to put it together.


$45 for the switch

$25 for the switch surround

$9 for the amber bulb

<$5 for contacts, wiring, and ties

$10 for shipping in a flat rate envelope in lower 48

$60 for labor


You can see that just the cost of all the OEM parts and shipping is nearly $100.  I think the overall price is fair especially considering how tedious it is to handcraft the switch surround to fit. 




There will probably be questions, so I will try to answer a few.



Who are you?  How do I know your kit is good quality?  My full time job is building and installing wire harnesses for an aerospace company.  I do this exact kind of work day in and day out.


How does this kit work?  The contacts are already crimped onto the wires and are inserted into the back of the connector that goes into the switch.  You need to splice the wires from the other end of the switch directly into your dimmer switch with the included flag terminals. This ensures the switch will dim just like all your other stock lights when you turn your dimmer knob.  All the wires are color coded to match the dimmer switch wiring for ease of install.  Check the link below to make sure your pinouts for the dimmer switch are correct.  The blue and yellow wire will go to your relay.  Power is drawn from the blank in the junction box located next to the battery.  The power wire is then run through the boot that goes from the driver's side wheel well into the driver's side kick panel.  Another option for pulling power is to get it from the fuse box in the lower driver's side kick panel.  In my opinion this is harder because you have to unplug nearly every connector and remove the fuse panel in order to install the other power wire into the back of the panel which will lead from the fuse to the relay.  You will need to file a millimeter or two off of every side of the inside ledges of your existing switch hole.  Go slowly in order to ensure good fitment.  Here is the link to the original thread to help assist with install:  http://jzxproject.co...showtopic=10637


How many kits do you stock? Not many.  Availability is based on whether or not I can get switches.


Will you sell me just the switch, or other individual components? No.  Relatively speaking, there isn't too much profit involved and there is quite a bit of time spent involved in getting everything together, especially modifying the switch surround.  I would rather sell a complete kit.


Can you give me all the part numbers so that I can piece this kit together myself? No.  I intend to sell quite a few of these over time, and would rather keep this information to myself.


I need help with my switch install! Can you help me? Absolutely! Feel free to post in either this thread or in the other install thread in the tech section.  I would rather you posted your questions in either thread instead of PM, since other members might have the same question as you do.


How do I order/pay? I take PayPal.  Message me through PM to order.



There are two members that have already expressed interest in purchasing the kit.  They are first in line, and I only have one remaining Starlet fog light switch kit left.  I do have a few other kits available that do not have the orange indicator light.




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Posted 18 May 2017 - 04:11 PM

Money sent. I'm super excited for this.

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 01:27 AM

Good luck with your new endeavor.

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#4 BoristheCat



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Posted 19 May 2017 - 03:42 AM

Thank you. Expect more oem style kits from me in the future. I might post a preview of another kit within the next month or two.

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